Getting Fit and Keeping it Fun: Steps on Planning for a Running Event

On October 12, 2019, seasoned Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge made history by being the first human to ever complete a marathon in under two hours. Despite some controversies, there is no doubt that what he achieved is one for the books.

Even before Kipchoge’s historic feat, marathons and fun runs are already being held annually in many parts of the world. For one thing, organizing marathon or fun run events require detailed planning like any other event.

For example, organizers would have to hire tent rentals suppliers to house event sponsors. Hiring event rentals suppliers are a must in most events including fun runs and marathon events. In many cases, event organizers also hire staging and dance floor rentals to add entertainment before and after the running event proper.

Planning for running events

Organizing a fun run or marathon events will require extensive planning. First of all, you need to have an objective of why you are setting up a running event. Is it for charity purposes? Or are you planning to have an annual run as part of your company branding?

You will also need to find sponsors if you want to give out prizes for the winners. Some organizers even have booth areas that provide product samples or fun games for the event participants. In other words, you also need to make your event engaging before and after they are done with running.

Aside from that, you also have to consider the event budget, the route, and even talking to the local area representatives where the event will be held. That said, planning a running event can be challenging yet fulfilling and fun all wrapped into one.

How to plan for a running event

As mentioned, a running event requires detailed planning. Otherwise, expect to receive complaints from the sponsors and the event participants. Of course, you never want that to happen. Here are tips on planning for a successful running event.

Allot time.

Like any other event, make sure to plan for the running event at least six months ahead. This will give you time to source your suppliers such as corporate tent rentals and others.

State your purpose.

As mentioned, think about why you are having a running event in the first place. Is this for charity purposes (ex. to collect funds for medical treatments)? Or is this part of your marketing campaign? If it’s the latter, are you planning to make it an annual event?

Decide the distance.

For fun runs, the maximum accepted distance is usually 10K. That is if you are targeting amateur and first-time runners. On the other hand, more than 10K means your running event targets intermediate and seasoned runners. There will always be a market for runners no matter the distance is.

Pick the location.

The running route should be accessible and safe especially for the event participants. You should also coordinate with the local officials regarding traffic management and runners’ safety.

Pick the event date and timing.

At the same time, you should choose an appropriate date and time. For example, you can schedule the event in time for a special event celebrated during that month (ex. Groundhog Day, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, etc.)

Source your suppliers well.

As mentioned, you need to find sponsors and suppliers to support your running event. You can write a letter of intent to your target sponsors and state the event’s objectives. Finding table and chair rentals, tent rentals, and other event suppliers should be also sourced well.

Important factors to consider when planning a running event

Event organizers should ensure that there will be no participants who will be injured, faint, or die in worst cases, during the event. For long-distance running, runners may be required to submit a medical certificate that will deem him or her “fit to run”.

There should also be traffic officers to avoid the participants from getting hit by ongoing vehicles. Likewise, refreshments should also be strategically located within the running route. Medical teams should also be on standby in case of dire emergencies.

You can also promote the event via social media, flyers, and even the local TV station. This will depend on your budget, but everyone should know about your event.

Plan well and have fun!

At the end of the day, a running event should be also about having fun. Of course, planning it well can be fulfilling in the end. Who knows, it may not be the last time you will be having this event? Make sure to hire only professional event rentals in Maryland.