Are tent weddings cheaper?

Tented weddings come with plenty of perks:

  1. They give you a blank canvas to create a completely custom wedding of your dreams.
  2. You can host the wedding any time as you aren’t limited by venue availability.
  3. You allow the guests to enjoy the fresh air.

While tented weddings come with their advantages, they have their disadvantages, one of the major ones being that they are logistically challenging and expensive. So to answer your question, are tent weddings cheaper? No, they aren’t.

This is because the weddings have plenty of moving parts that you need to pay for. These parts include:


Even if you don’t need a church or stadium, you need a place to place the wedding tent you get from the wedding tent rentals, right? Of course, you have to pay to make the venue ready for the event.

If you are having your event in a venue that has never hosted a wedding before, you need to have the electrical systems in place, sprinkler systems, level the land, among many other things.

When you have your event on a “virgin” venue, you should expect to spend more money on it before it’s ready for the guests.


Even if you are having a wedding in your backyard, you should get a permit from your local municipality. The cool thing is these permits don’t cost much, and all you need to do is to reach out to the municipality and notify them about your upcoming event.

Besides the permits, you also need event insurance. This is insurance that will protect you in the event someone gets injured during the event. Remember, even if you are inviting your close friends to the event, not everyone is your friend, and with the expensive medical care in the country, someone can sue you when they get injured on your property.

To protect yourself, get event insurance. If you are serving alcohol at your wedding, also get liquor liability.

You can buy these policies from your insurance company of choice, and their price will vary depending on the number of guests, your tented wedding venue, and the time of the year you have the event.

Wedding supplies

We have mentioned above that a tented wedding gives you a blank slate to start with. Unfortunately, you have to fill this slate with supplies that you have to rent from the different rental companies.

Some of the things you need are the wedding tent, chairs, tables, decorations, lights and other supplies.

If you are preparing the food at the wedding venue, you need to hire catering equipment.

To save money, take your time and find a top-notch company renting high-quality supplies at an affordable price. You also should rent most of the supplies from the same company so that you attract a larger discount.

The company can also agree to drop and pick the supplies, saving you the money you would have spent hiring transportation.

Heat and air conditioning

Besides the obvious supplies such as chairs and tables, you also need to rent heat and air conditioning systems to keep the guests comfortable. If having the event in the middle of a hot summer, you may have to hire air conditioning systems to cool the guests.

While these units aren’t part of the main rental supplies, they can take a huge chunk of your wedding budget if you aren’t keen. To ensure you are renting the right units, work closely with the event rentals Northern VA company representatives. These professionals will advise you about the right type of systems to go for and the right number of units to rent, so that you don’t waste money.