Avoid These 6 Mistakes To Make Your Event Successful

Corporate events hold an important place in your business. They can breathe a new life into your company and are a gust of opportunities.

But planning a successful event is like a jigsaw puzzle. If you want to be accurate in your first turn, you need to be careful with every piece.

Hiring professional event rentals is your first step. There’s a lot more to cover.

Here’s a list of mistakes that you can avoid to make your event a success.

Not Keeping Your Audience In Mind

The most embarrassing mistake you can make is choosing a poor venue. Now it’s not like you have to book a big fat place for a small event only to impress attendees or make sure they have enough space.

In fact, a poor venue can be poor in the sense of being too small for a big event or too big for a small event.

Pro Tip: You can use your previous event data to estimate how many attendees you will have and book an event accordingly. Or, if it’s your first time, you can use data from similar events to decide.

Unprofessional Budget Planning

While planning an event, the first thing you do is plan your budget. It depends upon many factors. For instance, you need to check how big the event is and what opportunities it can bring you.

And then, you divide a specific percentage of money into different parts.


No, this is where you go wrong. It is a business event. And your reputation is what matters more than anything. You need to spare 10-15 % of your budget for a backup. Or you can say for what-ifs.

What if something goes wrong? You never know!

Not Having Plan B

Keeping a budget for an emergency is not the end. You need to know what you’re going to do if something goes against what you planned.

For instance, what if a vendor doesn’t show up or the audio system isn’t working? Even the worst, what if you booked an outdoor venue and the weather decides to change?

It is better to have option B for everything, even when there’s a slight chance of going wrong.

Exhausting Attendees With Speakers

Yes, a business event needs to be formal and professional. But that doesn’t mean you cannot have fun there. After all, an event is supposed to engage people in new things.

It’s good and necessary to throw some light on your company’s journey and highlight the impact it is making. But again, if these formalities are getting too much, they’ll kill the vibe.

So don’t overwhelm your attendees with way too many speakers. Keep it light and let people engage in a productive conversation.

No Refreshments

Ah! It breaks my heart even to talk about no food. According to employees, it is a crime to give no food in business events.

No matter what event, big or small, some people primarily attend an event for food. And you can’t deny or overlook this fact. Or else your attendees and even speakers will kill you with judgmental stares.

Refreshments are the main course for an event. Even if the event is for a short time, you can give attendees goodie bags at the end as a good gesture.

Wrapping Up Immediately After The Event

Managing a corporate event is like a mother holding her kid’s birthday party. For sure, you’ll be worn out by the end and want to collapse on your bed, but you just cannot.

It is part of your responsibility to follow up post-event. Then only you can expect to hold another successful event.

So basically, a graceful closure is very important. Also, engaging with people after an event will help you build your professional profile. And you can make a personal connection with speakers, vendors, and attendees as well.


Holding a business event is like having a panic pill. Pressure and stress are definitely going to be there. And no matter how much thought you put into the process, the slight chance of a mistake is always going to be there.

So, no worries. Just make sure with the helps of event managers and party rentals MD that you don’t make big blunders that can resist people attending your event next time. The rest will follow.