What Kind Of Tent Is Best For A Wedding?

Are you planning to have an outdoor wedding and wondering what kind of tent is best for a wedding? Well, there are many wedding tents you can rent from wedding tent rentals. The most common ones being:

Pole tents

They are one of the most popular wedding tents in the market you can go for. From their name, these tents have poles. When properly installed, the tents are one of the most elegant and sophisticated tents you can have.

While the tents are great, their major drawback is they need to be staked into the ground so you can’t set them up on concrete and other hard surfaces.

The poles also tend to come in the guest’s way, which can be a nuisance.

To improve their look, you should consider decorating the poles so that even if they come in the way, they are beautiful to look at.

Frame tents

Instead of poles, like it’s the case with pole tents, frame tents use a metal frame to support the tent. Since it’s free-standing, you can set up the tent on most solid surfaces.

Although, it’s not as beautiful as a pole tent, it’s highly versatile as you can install it on different surfaces.

Sailcloth tent

The sailcloth tent is a type of pole tent that uses sailcloth material instead of vinyl, and it’s supported with wooden poles.

The translucent sailcloth adds a beautiful glow to the tent, making it a wonder to look at, especially at night.

While the tent is great, its major drawback is that, like the pole tent, it requires extensive staking with guy wires to support it. This means that you can’t install it on concrete and other hard surfaces.

Teepee tent

Native to the American teepee, the teepee tent has a unique shape that gives your event a one-of-a-kind appeal. While they are great, you have to use poles to install the tent, which creates added obstacles that can be off-putting.

Marquee tent

The marquee tent is a cross between a pole tent and a frame tent, and as you can guess, it brings in the benefits of both by combining the convenience of the freestanding metal frame tent and the aesthetic of the pole tent’s peaked roof.

Beach or tropical style tent

The beach or tropical-style tent comprises a light translucent fabric draped over bamboo or wooden frame.

From its name, this tent is best to go for when you are having your wedding at the beach.

You should note that the tent doesn’t provide any form of protection against the weather elements, so when you have your event outdoors, ensure that the weather is perfect.

What should you consider when renting a wedding tent?

Although, there are many wedding tents you can rent, you can’t rent them all, right? You have to zero in on the best one.

This calls for you to consider plenty of factors. Some of the factors to consider include:

The surface you are installing the tent: Where are you having your event? If you are having it on the street, you can’t rent pole tents as you can’t stake them on concrete.

Expected number of guests: This will influence the size of the tent you rent. As a rule of thumb, if you have many guests over, get a large tent and vice versa.

Theme: The final thing that will determine your choice of wedding tent is the event’s theme. If having a formal event, you should rent a tent with a formal appeal from the tent rentals Northern VA. As you can guess, you can’t rent a beach tent when having a formal wedding theme. You need a more serious tent.