Backyard wedding decoration ideas will make your wedding seem like a page out of a fairy tale

Women go crazy planning their wedding and some would-be brides even go berserk looking for the right dress, the right caterers, the right cake and the right arrangements and some independent minded brides even plan their wedding like a do-it-yourself project and if you are one such bride, we might be able to help you in solving one major concern, that is, the right venue of your wedding. If you plan your wedding on the spur of the moment, chances are that you will not get a church free to get married in. And in such a situation, a backyard wedding is just what can give you the much needed relief.

Backyard wedding decoration ideas

But before you sign on the dotted line, not literally, and decide that it is a backyard wedding you want, you need to consider some backyard wedding ideas that will make your wedding the most cherished memory of your life. But just because you want to have a backyard wedding does not mean that you need to handle the immense pressure of planning every bit of your wedding, you can very easily hire a professional wedding planner, and party rental companies who will plan the wedding based on the theme of your outdoor backyard wedding. And you can contribute too, if you have some delectable decoration ideas yourself.

Since it is your backyard that you are talking about, you are bound to have trees there. And though the trees can be a surprise decor element in your wedding, you can use these trees for other wedding decoration ideas as well, which can stem from it. Hanging paper lanterns in white or myriad hues is one such idea. You can ask your wedding planner to hang flowers and/or ribbons from the trees as well. You can also ask your planner to arrange for starry lights which can be hanged from the trees again, and what a wonderful sight it will be when you dance underneath these lights, which are nothing short of stars.

If you want a rural, rustic and country themed backyard wedding you can arrange for mason jars to be hung from trees. And since you will need to rent a party tent or a canopy to protect your precious day from the weather gods, you can ask arrange for the dinner tables to be laid inside, or if you are lucky (and confident enough to know that it will not rain), you can set the dinner tables under the twinkling lights or the hanging paper lanterns, with the wedding singer and the wedding band playing on! Seems like a page out of a fairy tale, isn’t it? Trust us, it is!