Event Décor Ideas: 4 Items You Can Use As Wedding Centerpieces

Event décor ideas

Wedding centerpieces are one of the most important wedding party supplies. Since they are the focal point of the event they have a great impact on the mood of the party. There are many factors such as the theme of the event and wedding season that you need to consider when choosing the wedding centerpieces. The cool thing is that there are  many centerpieces that you can choose from. Some that you can go for include:

Party flowers

Many people shy away from using flowers as they are often expensive. While this is the case, there are others that are affordable. For example, daisies are cheap and beautiful to look at. If you are operating on a tight budget you can rent artificial flowers from your local party rental company.  To make the flowers interesting you should place them in tins or cans decorated in your favorite color. When choosing the flowers for your wedding, always ensure that they complement your wedding theme and the season that you are doing the wedding. For example, if having a spring wedding go for bright and fresh flowers.

Party fruits

Fruits are economical and interesting wedding centerpieces. You can use any fruit as long as it complements the wedding theme. You can slice the fruits or leave them whole. You can also decorate the fruits with your favorite color or leave them in their natural color thus giving the guests something to munch on while following the event. To create an interesting look, place the fruits in a beautiful vase. You should also arrange the fruits in interesting patterns.

Fun party fillers

When having your event in a room that doesn’t require a lot of decoration there are plenty of party supplies that you can use to create an interesting look. You can fill party bowls or vases with unusual products such as glass beads, marbles, candy or pebbles and make them the center of attention.

Rental party lights

Lights attract a lot of attention especially when they have unique designs. There are plenty of lights that you can use. You can use chandeliers, normal lights or even candles.  You don’t have to buy the lights as you can easily find them in your local party rentals. All you need to do is find a reputable company stocking lights of unique designs. Just like with the other party centerpieces, ensure that the lights complement your party theme. They also should be easy to setup and uninstall.