Extra Wedding Party Supplies That You Should Have In Your Party

Party supplies

With your wedding soon approaching, there are a few necessary party supplies that will make your big day nothing short of memorable and unique. Just remember the more love you put into your wedding day, the more you will love it back. Here are some of the supplies that you will need.

Extra party supplies that you need

The perfect guest book: Whether your guestbook is available to sign at the wedding ceremony or reception, you want to make sure this item is something truly perfect. This is one of a few keepsakes from that big day, many people will cherish for a lifetime. Why not make your guest book just as unique and memorable as that very day. Sure, you do have the option of choosing an elegant book that you have seen often at weddings in the past. Or, choose to step outside that comfort zone and create your own book that suits your individual personality. For example, you can decorate basic chalkboards in your wedding colors. Then have the guest sign them using coordinating colored chalk. At the end of the day, you can hang these on a wall in your new home with your new life ahead of you.

Cake topper: You want your cake topper to be identifiable and picture worthy. Remember, before your cake is even cut, everyone will be taking pictures of your cake which includes the top decoration. This is a perfect time for you to choose a cake topper that you will be pleased with basically forever. Try and imagine each and every option in picture format before making a decision.

This decoration gives you another opportunity to go down two very separate paths. You can purchase a cake topper from a store of your liking. Just keep one very important thing in mind, when purchasing a topper, bring a few friends along to help make sure you avoid buying a horrible double already in someone’s wedding. Unfortunately, weddings happen very often, and fresh eyes will ensure your day is as special as it should be. Otherwise, you can try creating your own distinct topper. Which will indeed make your cake spectacular.

The ceremonial throwing bags of rice: Many weddings traditionally used to shower the newly married couple with rice as the descend from the chapel. Due to rice being harmful to birds, this symbolic gesture of good luck has been illegalised in many states. Do not fret, this ages-long tradition can still be carried on, just by thinking of a different way to wish your bride and groom success in life.


If you need to rent any of the supplies, ensure that you rent from reputable party rentals.