Event Décor Ideas: How To Decorate Your Event With Balloons


If you are looking for affordable event décor ideas you should go for balloons. They are made from nylon, plastic, foil, plastic and other materials. The material used depends on the size and intended use.

The units come in different surface finishes. Some are opaque while others have matte surfaces. You only need to choose the one that is right for you.

Since they are cheap, you can buy plenty of them, but if you are looking for high quality balloons, you should consider renting from party rentals in your area.

Ways of using balloons

There are three ways main ways in which you can decorate your event using balloons: using the balloons as centerpieces, using them as canopies and arches, and using them as backgrounds and sculptures.

Using them as centerpieces: there are many ways of using the units as centerpieces. One of the ways is by hanging them on strings in order to create colorful centerpieces. For an amazing look place them around rock or inside jars.

To make the centerpieces interesting, mix large and small balloons of contrasting colors.

Another interesting way of using balloons as centerpieces is inserting glow sticks into balloons. Since the sticks last for a few hours, you should set them up a few minutes before the party kicks off.

Using balloons as sculptures and backgrounds: if you are the creative type, you can create excellent backgrounds using balloons. You can create animal images, landscapes and geometric patterns. To have an easy time, use small balloons on wire frames.

Using them as canopies and arches: to design canopies and arches you need to be creative. If you aren’t artistic, hire a professional to help you with the creations. To create a canopy you only need to form the shape you want with a wire or string and then attach the inflated balloon.


Balloons are cheap and beautiful decorations you can use in decorating your party. While they are great, they are a wildlife menace; therefore, you shouldn’t release them into the air. If you are throwing an outdoor event, consider using party tents. You can easily get a tent from tent rentals in your area.

Using tents will ensure that no balloons get out of the house.

Latex balloons have high chances of popping; therefore, you need to buy plenty of them in order to replace the ones that pop.