Tent Rentals: Best Party Tents To Go For

With the coming of tent rentals, you don’t need to spend plenty of money buying a new tent. Different rental companies have different tent packages. There are those that will rent you the tents together with their walls while others will rent you separately.

If you are planning of renting a tent there are many options that you can go with. The most common ones are:

High peaked frame tents

These are small tents that are ideal when you are celebrating a small wedding. They come in different sizes such as 10’, 15’, and 20’ widths. They are unique in that they have a free-standing construction with no inner support poles.

They are great to have in your wedding as they are beautiful both inside and outside.

Traditional frame tents

These are the units that you see in most backyard events. They are characterized by freestanding structures that don’t have interior poles. The cool thing with them is that they have adjustable heights. You can adjust the leg heights in order to accommodate different changes in elevation.

In addition to this, you can join two or more party tents to create unique, interesting tent configurations.

High peaked tension canopies

If you are having a wedding or backyard party these are the units to go for. They come with great designs both inside and outside.

Traditional pole tents

One of the most attractive features of these units is that they are quick to erect. When you get them from party rentals, you don’t have to hire someone to help you in installing them. Unlike other tents, these units have center poles. While the poles make the tents strong, they obstruct viewers; therefore, you should avoid using them as wedding tents.

Tent tips to consider

When renting the tents you need to consider a number of tips. One of the tips to consider is the company that you rent from. To get high quality tents you should rent from a high quality rental company.

For the tents to look great, you need to decorate them. Some of the decoration items that you can use include: lights, flowers and any other materials that you may want. If having a wedding, flowers are usually the preferred decorating materials.

Flowers not only enhance the ambiance of the wedding, they also make the environment joyous and refreshing.