Event Décor Ideas: Ideas On How To Decorate Wedding Tables

event decor ideas

Once the wedding ceremony is over, now it’s time for the party. This is where your friends and family members give speeches, advice and presents. Just like in the wedding ceremony, you need to ensure that the party venue is beautifully done. Of major importance you should pay attention to the wedding tables. Here are event décor ideas that you should consider to give your wedding tables an elegant look:

Decorate wedding tables with rental flowers

There is nothing that improves the look of the wedding table than flowers. You should place flowers in jars and vases and place them on the wedding table. You can use either real or fake flowers. The cool thing with flowers is that they are cheap. They also come in different colors thus you have a wide range of options to choose from. To get the flowers you only need to pay a visit to the local flower store. If interested in the fake flowers you should visit your local party rentals and rent flowers that compliment the theme of your wedding.

Decorate the wedding table with fruits

What a better way of decorating the wedding table than using items that the guests can munch on. All you need to do is put a few of tomatoes, pears, oranges or any other of your favorite fruits in bowls and place them on the wedding table. Just like when using flowers, ensure that the fruits you use compliment your wedding theme.

Make wedding tables interesting with tablecloths

It’s probably the most common method used by many people. All you need to do is visit your local party rental company and rent the tablecloths. To avoid complications, rent from the same company that you rent the tables from. You can use the same color of tablecloths or alternating colors. To create an interesting look put napkins on the tables with opposing color themes. Since you will have borrowed the tablecloths, take good care of them so that they don’t get damaged.

Make use of candles on your wedding tables

Candles are not only beautiful, they are also cheap and easy to get. All you have to do is get candles that complement the look of your wedding. When using candles be careful that you don’t cause fire.


These are some of the décor ideas that you can use to decorate your wedding tables. If renting any of the decorations ensure that you rent from reputable party rental companies.