Everything You Need to Know About Renting a Wedding Tent

Tents are a necessity while hosting any outdoor event. It’s imperative that you get tent rentals that are elegant, chic and comfortable for your guest. The right party tent rentals will protect your guest from harsh weather and ensure your event is stylish. In this article, we look at everything you need to know when looking for wedding tent rentals.

Everything You Need to Know About Tent Rental

  • Determine whether you need a tent or not

You need to establish whether you need a tent or not. The location and the season will determine whether you need a tent or not. If its summer and the weather is not harsh you may consider getting other event rentals and host the event in open ground. If the weather is unpredictable its best to have a backup plan. Your guest will not sit still if the sun is hot or its extremely cold. It’s therefore important to determine whether you need a tent for your occasion. In case you are not sure how the weather will turn out speak to the outdoor party rentals company get discounts for tents you will not use.

  • Consider Permits

It’s important that you know which permits you may require. Also, check the policy of event rentals in the location where you will have your occasions. Make sure that tents are allowed in the venue you intend to use. Ensure that you know what’s underground when placing the tent.

  • Choose the Tent that Fits your Occasion

There are different kinds of tents and it’s best to speak to the event rental expert on the best tent for your event. Whether you choose a pole, frame or tensions tent make sure that it will work for your event.

Pole tents are the least expensive, portable and easy to install. They have high poles in the center and shorter poles towards the outside. The small peaks in the center make them elegant. Pole tents can be used in concrete or on the ground with gravel

Tension tents have large poles in the center and a high peak. The high poles give the tent a large interior space. In spite of the height, the tent is strong against wind or any strong weather.

Frame tents have an outer frame instead of center poles. If you have a small venue frame tents are the best. They are more expensive and require a lot of work to install.

It’s important to ensure that you have the right tent. Consider your style and the aesthetic you want to bring out. You should also consider your budget and then rent a wedding tent that will bring out your style. To understand the different kinds of tents, visit the event rentals company and get to see the tents available. It’s best to work with a company that has a variety of options.

  • Find the right Tent Vendor

It’s important to work with right tent vendor because they will give you advise on the best tent for your event. Work with event rentals company that have a variety of tent rentals. That way you have a variety to select from and in case you need extra during your occasion. The right event rentals company will offer the best tents and at a good price. Ask for a quotation for all the items that you need.

Ensure that the terms of the tent vendor are clear. Understand all the clauses in the contract. Ask questions on the cancellation policy, damage and extended hours of use. Confirm that all the costs are included in the quotation.

  • What Accessories do you need?

When choosing the tent vendor company, its best to consider other accessories that you need. Work with a company that has a variety of tent rentals. If you can get all the items, you need from one vendor that will make easier and you may get huge discounts from the vendor. Make a list of all the accessories that you need for the wedding. If its cold ensures that you get tents that can handle a heater. Add lighting if the event will run into the night.

  • Install the Tent Before the Occasion

If you expect the weather to change its best to talk to the event rentals company in advance and book extra tents. Inform the party rentals of the expected weather change and come up with a plan should you need extra items.

Make sure that the tent is installed a day before the occasion so that all the issues arising may be dealt with beforehand.


It’s important to get the right wedding tent rentals. Choose a wedding rental package that is cost effective and contains all the items you need.