Getting Married in the Middle of a Pandemic? Here’s What You Need to Know

There is nothing more exciting than to get hitched to the love of your life. Wedding preparations can be exhausting, even stressful. From looking for wedding tent rentals and staging and dance floor rentals suppliers to other wedding essentials, preparing for your big day can be so much to look forward to.

Such events are truly special especially for couples who are looking forward to spending forever with each other. But then, COVID-19 happened. A lot of events – concerts, various sports events, and yes, even weddings – all got canceled. This pandemic has changed everything including the events industry.

Weddings and COVID-19

If you are one of those whose wedding got canceled or moved to another date, you are not alone. In the UK, more than 73,000 weddings got canceled due to the pandemic since the lockdown started around the last few days of March. Many couples around the world experienced the same predicament.

Fortunately, lockdowns started to ease down around May onwards (in some countries). At the same time, some couples pushed through with their weddings albeit not as they originally planned. Until now, the authorities advise people to be cautious with their surroundings, wear a mask, practice proper hygiene, and maintain proper distancing.

It is indeed a challenging time we are living in. But we have no choice but to be extra careful and be able to adapt to the current situation. The same applies to businesses as well, including event rentals and corporate tent rentals suppliers. Couples may not have their dream weddings for now, but it can be achievable.

Is it possible to get wed in the time of COVID-19?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends limiting group gatherings to not more than 50 persons at max. This means a lot if you are planning to invite a hundred or so guests, you might have to downsize your guest count, unfortunately.

Still, weddings can be held today but with certain restrictions and strict guidelines. It may also not be the same as before – for now. Even wedding suppliers will have to adjust as well. Party rentals suppliers may have to implement safety measures for every transaction.

Postponing your wedding can truly be heartbreaking. Imagine all the time and effort invested in planning your dream wedding, only to be ruined by this unexpected party pooper that is COVID-19. But remember, your vendors also experience twice the amount of stress due to cancellations and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

If you decide to postpone the wedding

Postponing your wedding is one of the hardest decisions you might ever make. But at this point, it might be necessary if it is for safety and health reasons. So, how should you deal with a wedding postponement? Here are some important things you need to consider.

Inform your suppliers immediately.

Once you make this heart-breaking decision, make sure to notify your wedding tent rentals and other vendors immediately. If you are moving the date, let them know of your plans as well. You might also have to discuss refunds or other financial transactions that need to be settled if ever.

Don’t forget your guests.

Of course, let your guests know of the postponement. In case hotel reservations are already made for guests, check whether partial or full refunds are possible. These can help them a lot with all the hassles that have happened.

It’s okay to feel bummed.

No one wants to get canceled. So it’s okay to feel sad or disappointed because it’s a natural reaction, after all. But still, there are ways to help you feel better regardless of what happened. Say, have a date night or anything that will mark this milestone of your relationship.


The ongoing pandemic has changed the world way more than we expected it. We now have to be more conscious of our hygiene and how we interact with other people. At the same time, we have to adapt to the so-called new normal whether we like it or not. Everyone is not exempted from these challenges, including events-related businesses like event rentals and tent rentals in Maryland.

But somehow, we can cope with the current situation and stay resilient. It might not be the same as before, but at least there will be some way to achieve our ultimate goals in life.