Planning a Sponsorship Event? Here’s What You Need to Know

Planning an event is one thing. Finding financial resources to fund the event is another thing. Unless yours is a multi-billion company, looking to fund an event can be challenging, to say the least. Not only corporate events but also other kinds of events that we know of.

Speaking of which, the events industry took a major hit this year because of the pandemic. Tent rentals, party rentals, and table and chair rentals businesses were greatly affected these past months. Fortunately, the industry is somehow able to adapt to the new normal in terms of planning and executing events.

Planning a sponsorship event

Every event needs a budget to ensure its smooth implementation and success. This includes all types of events like weddings, concerts, corporate events, and more. Some events need to hire staging and dance floor rentals and other suppliers for their respective events.

If you are looking for funds for your upcoming events, you can consider looking for sponsors. First of all, looking for a sponsor is like looking for a job. You can submit countless proposals, but expect a handful of companies rejecting it. But there will always be at least one of them that will give you leverage to your upcoming event.

Then again, there are several factors to consider when looking for event sponsors. Do you even need sponsors in the first place? How can it help your event and business? And how can you convince companies to sponsor your event?

Do you need event sponsors?

It is said that sponsorship is important for successful marketing. Having event sponsors can help in brand awareness and establishing a brand image. It can also lead to higher sales and transactions. It depends on your objectives, but one thing is for sure: you need sponsors if you want to level up your business.

You need event sponsors if:

  • Your event involves celebrities/high-profile guests
  • You have a large event coverage (ex. major sports events, music concerts, etc.)
  • You are aiming to expand your customer base and brand awareness
  • You need to find alternative ways to pull off your event (ex. venue, catering, giveaways, etc.)

As mentioned, finding sponsors can be a little challenging. However, all it takes is to understand which sponsors will be the best for your event.

How sponsors can help your event

So you might ask just how important sponsors can do for your event. In general, looking for event sponsors can do a lot for your event and your business. Here are the reasons why.

It can add up to your event savings.

We all know how events can be expensive. You will know whether your event will be successful through ticket sales. By securing sponsors, your tickets will be more affordable and attract attendees.

It will make the event more credible.

Whether you admit it or not, you prefer attending an event sponsored or backed up by popular company sponsors. This is because having sponsors can put you at an advantage versus events without sponsors.

It can give you additional perks and resources.

Instead of hiring table and chair rentals or staging and dance rentals suppliers, you can take advantage of a sponsor’s resources. For example, you can use their venue to hold your event. Or have samples of their products given to your event attendees. It will depend on both parties’ agreement.

Tips to snag companies to sponsor your event

Finding event sponsors should not be as complicated as you think. Here are some tips that can help with your future events.

Know what your event is all about.

First of all, you need to know what kind of event you are having. Is it a music event? A sports event? A food bazaar/expo? What are your goals for having such an event? These are some concerns that you need to address before looking for sponsors.

Find the right sponsors that match your event objectives.

If you are planning for a fun run, you should reach out to companies related to sports (ex. energy drinks, athletic shoe brands, health and fitness facilities, etc.). It is better also to check the company’s sponsoring history (whether they usually accept sponsorship proposals).

Set different sponsorship packages.

Potential sponsors are most likely to respond if they will also benefit a lot from your event. Set various packages that they can choose from, including the rates and the perks they will get from each package. The higher the package amount they get, the broader their event mileage will be. A win-win for both parties!

But for your event needs, you can always find the best event rentals in Maryland! Contact one today!