Guide On How To Deal With Party Rentals

party rentals

When you are organizing a wedding party you don’t have to buy the rental supplies—you simply need to rent them from wedding rentals. For you to have a great experience you need to know how to deal with the supply companies. Here is a guide on how to go about it:

Know the things that the party rentals can rent you

While most of the party rentals will supply with any items that you need for the party, there are some that specialize in specific type of items. For example, there are those that specialize in chairs and tables. Before parting with your money find the services offered by the rental company. Companies dealing with specific items have high-quality products but they are expensive. To save money and time, rent from a company that deals with different items.

Extra charges involved with the party rentals

Different companies have different charges. There are those that won’t charge you to deliver, set up, or tear down the party tents and other supplies but there are others that will require you to pay an extra amount. To avoid misunderstanding always understand how the company works and any extra costs that you have to incur. You should note that it’s difficult to set up rental equipment especially if you have never done it before. Even if you have to pay extra for setup and teardown, negotiate with the rental company and settle on an amount that you will be comfortable with.

Understand the party rental return policies

Just as different rental companies have different charges, they have different return policies. Some of the companies will require you to return the party equipment the same day that you rent them while others won’t have a problem with you returning them a day after the event. Some of the companies are insured; therefore, they won’t have a problem when the party chairs and other equipment get damaged. Other companies will require you to replace the damaged equipment. To be on the safe side carefully go through the return policy of the company you are renting from. If there is a part that you don’t understand ask the company to interpret it for you.


This is what you need to know when dealing with a party rental company. As rule of thumb, ensure that the company you are working with is reputable and stocks high-quality units.