Guide On How To Have A Great Experience With Party Tents

party tents

When you are putting together an outdoor event, you know that party tents are of grave importance. In addition to the units providing shade for your guests, they also aid in improving the look of the party. For you to have a great experience with the tents you need to consider some tips:

Rent the right tent

When you visit the rental companies, you find different types of tents to choose from. While they are many, not all are right for you. For you to rent the right tent, you need to consider the number of guests that you will be having. If many, rent a large tent and vice versa. Tent experts recommend that you go with eight sq.feet per person.

Another thing to consider is the theme of your event. For a great look, ensure that the tent you rent complements the party theme. Finally, consider the quality of the tent. As rule of thumb, you should buy a high quality that will give your party a great look.

Incorporate accessories

In most cases, especially when it’s too hot, a party tent isn’t enough to make your guests comfortable—you need accessories. Two of the most common accessories that you need are air conditioners and fans. These two work together towards ensuring that the guests are as comfortable as possible.

You should also consider renting a tent flooring accessory that adds stability to the tent when you place the tent on grass or natural surface. If you are expecting it to rain or get too windy, you should rent tent sidewalls from your local party rentals.

Have the tent professionally installed

Even if you rent the best quality tent, there is no way you will have a great experience with it if you don’t professionally install it. If you have the skills, you should go ahead and install the tent but if you don’t have the skills or don’t have the time, hire a professional to help you out. For ideal results, you should hire a contractor from the rental company you rent the tent from. Since he/she has worked with the tent before, he/she is more likely to install it better. To save money, it’s wise that you rent from a company that connects the tent for free.


These are tips on how to have a great experience with your rented party tent. As mentioned, you should rent the tent from a reputable party supplies company.