Party Supplies: Types Of Party Tables You Need For Your Party

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You are probably wondering how a simple table can affect your party. The type of table you pick for an event influences the feeling that your guests will have. With a wide variety of tables to choose from, selecting the right type of table for your party can make a huge difference in the experience of the event. Read on to learn the different types of tables you can get from party rentals and their applications:

Rectangular Table

It’s the most preferred unit when people are having formal events. It’s loved by many as its large and when properly decorated, it greatly improves the look of the party. In addition to using it in formal events, you can also use it in family events when all of you want to sit together. To accommodate many people, you should line them up close to each other in rows.

Round Table

This type of table is used for formal events. Roundtables allow big groups of people to sit close to one another to facilitate conversations. It is easier to face everyone in a round table than in a rectangular table.

Square Table

A square table is a great alternative to the round table. Square tables provide the same benefits of round tables but have a unique look. They can be used together with round tables in situations where the round tables are scarce.

Cocktail Table

A cocktail table is ideal for use on the bar area. They are mainly used in events that involve snacks, or small amounts of food, and lots of drinks. These tables are used during the start of a formal meeting, for appetizers and cocktails, before the guests are ushered into a room that has a formal setup.


It is a wonder how much picking a table can personalize any event. You should consider the available space, the occasion, the desired flow of conversation, and your budget. When having a party, also pay close attention to the theme of your party. If having a formal party, go for a rectangular table. To create a beautiful look, you should remember to properly decorate the table using linens or any other units. When renting the party table or linens, always ensure that you rent from a reputable party supplies company.