Staging And Dance Floor: Taking A Look At Dance Floor Ideas For An Outdoor Wedding

The wedding day is the day of celebration and one of the ways of celebrating is dancing. Dancing is common when having an indoor wedding but there is no reason why you shouldn’t dance outdoors. Here are dance floor ideas when you are having an outdoor wedding:

Use fiberboard as a dance floor

If you are operating on a large budget, you should buy a medium density fiberboard from your local store and then stain and finish it. To give a personalized look, customize it with your wedding monogram. There are plenty of areas you can place the board but it’s always recommended that you place it at the center of the reception area. If you don’t money to buy the board, you should consider renting it from staging and dance floor rentals in your area. For a great experience ensure that the board is in good condition.

Use plexiglass sheets as your party dance floor

If you are having the wedding in a backyard that has a pool, place plexiglass sheets over the pool for the guests to walk and dance on the water. You can buy the plexiglass or rent it from party rental companies. You should note that installation of this dance floor is costly but cheaper than renting a wedding venue. For ideal results ensure that the installation is done by an experienced professional.

Invest in an interlocking modular dance floor

These are dance floors that come in 3 ft by 3 ft square sheets of faux marble or wood. They come in different sizes and designs thus you should invest in those that fit your wedding guest list. The dance floor is expensive; therefore, it’s wise that you rent it instead of buying. If you want customized units and operating on a large budget buy the dance floor and then resell it later.

Convert your concrete patio into a dance floor

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for you to have a great time. If you don’t have a budget to buy or rent a dance floor, you should consider converting your patio into a dance floor. All you need to do is place a carpet on the patio and your guests will have a comfortable place to dance.


These are dance floor ideas that you can go with. If you have to rent the dance floor, ensure that you rent from reputable party rentals.