Guide To Having A Great Time With Party Supplies Rental Companies

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When you are putting together a party, you have to rent party supplies from the party rental companies in your local area. To have an easy time working with the companies you need to consider these tips.

Tips to consider when working with rental companies

The first tip to having a great time with the rental companies is finding the right one. Just like other companies, no two companies are the same. Before you place an order, take your time to research the rental company and ensure that it has an excellent reputation. It also should have a friendly staff.

The second thing you should do is inspect the quality of the supplies. How are the party chairs and tables? Since the units have been borrowed a number of times, they are most likely beat up; thus you shouldn’t expect them to be in great shape. To cover them up, you will need to rent party covers. There are many types of covers you can choose from, but you should note that most of them go at the same prices. For example, cotton and polyester linens go at the same price. You should choose the material that complements your party theme.

When it comes to glass and stemware rentals, be cautious. If you don’t have someone to clean them throughout the event, you will have to hire plenty of them as guests tend to use plenty of them. On average, one guest uses 3 glasses. If you aren’t willing to spend a lot of money hiring plenty of glasses or paying someone to clean them, you should come up with a system that limits their use. You can use nametags where you place the names of every person on the glasses and let them know that they should only use that one glass.

When placing your orders, always order extra. For peace of mind, order 10 more pieces of any kitchen rentals you might need. This is because the guests might break something or receive more guests than you had planned.

If you don’t have the exact number of people that will be attending your party, you should place a high initial order. You can always change it later. Most of the rental companies don’t have a problem with order changes as long as you make them three days before the delivery.


These are tips on how to have an easy time with the party rentals companies. As rule of thumb, rent your units from a reputable store.