Kitchen Rentals: Factors To Consider When Renting Kitchen Equipment

kitchen equipment

When having a party investing in new kitchen equipment can prove an expensive outlay. To save money, you should consider renting the units from kitchen rentals.

Factors to consider when choosing a firm to hire kitchen equipment from

It is important to choose a company that understands the industry, has a proven background and good testimonials. It is also essential that they have all the equipment you need. While renting from more than one firm is possible, this usually increases costs, and so reduces the cost effectiveness of rental in the first place.

A good catering equipment rental firm will be able to supply ovens and ranges, fryers and sous vide, hot cupboards and coffee machines and everything in between. They should also be able to provide cutlery and crockery, glassware and even disposable catering supplies if you need these for less formal or outdoor events.

When looking at kitchen equipment hire, you also need to consider delivery costs and restrictions. A good supplier should provide coverage across the country and deliver appliances on site in plenty of time for events, without the need for overnight storage.

Also, consider the quality of the party supplies. For them to leave a lasting impression, ensure that they are of high quality. Also, ensure that they match the party theme. The last thing you want is having mismatching units in the party.

When it comes to returning items, check whether the company you choose for your kitchen equipment will take back soiled equipment. With washing and cleaning taking up so much time after an event, this can be hugely beneficial. For crockery and glassware too, having this policy means breakages are likely to be significantly reduced.


If you will be serving food and drinks in your party, renting catering equipment is a sensible option. Whether as part of an on-going strategy to have access to the latest appliances, or for hosting larger jobs, kitchen equipment rental can be a huge benefit. As mentioned, above work with a reputable company that is experienced enough. Such a company will have high-quality supplies. It also experienced in providing other services. For example, if you need the installation of the units, the company will do it for you fast.

One of the mistakes you shouldn’t make is settling on the first party rentals you come across. Before you decide to work with a given company, visit a few companies and see what they have to offer.