Guide To Renting Glasses From Glass And Stemware Rentals

If you will be having a party, you will be serving drinks. For the guest to be comfortable taking the drinks and also create a great impression you need to serve the drinks properly using the right glasses.  If you don’t have enough glasses at home you don’t have to worry as you can always rent from your local glass and stemware rentals.

Guide to renting glass and stemware

For you to rent the right units you need to consider a number of factors that include:

The quality of the glasses: For a successful party, you need to have the best. Remember that the guests will judge your party based on the quality of supplies you have. To rent high-quality glasses ensure that you rent from a reputable store. While at the store, carefully go through the glasses and ensure they aren’t broken. Also, ensure that their design matches the party theme.

Minimum order and delivery charges: Different rental companies have different requirements regarding orders and delivery charges. Some have the minimum number of glasses that you can order while others don’t. Some charge delivery charges while others do free delivery. Before you settle on a given company take your time to research and fully understand how the company works. This is to avoid misunderstanding in the future.  To save money, go for a company that gives you the best offer.

Terms and conditions of the rental company: Just as the companies have different policies, they also have different working terms and conditions. Some companies require you to set up and clean the glasses after use while others will work with you. Others will require you to pay for the broken glasses while others have an insurance policy that covers the damage thus won’t require you to replace them.  Before you settle on any company, take your time to understand what the company requires of you. You should read terms and conditions of the different rental companies and settle for the best.


You need to have the right type of glass for the drinks you will be serving for you to create a great impression. As rule of thumb, go for high-quality glasses that match your party theme. To have an easy time work with reputable party supplies companies. The companies will not only rent you the units, they will also help you with the planning of the party.