Halloween Tent Ideas

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Follow some of the interesting Halloween party ideas and plan an awesome party at the right place. Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year. If you are thinking of a Halloween party for kids or adults, it will end up in complete fun as one of the best parties of the year. Organizing such party is not that difficult. What is more important is to present a few plans to make certain that nothing goes wrong and make the best food arrangements with buffet and bar service.

Whenever you are planning a Halloween event, tent rentals can enhance the atmosphere. It can provide a place to serve food, schedule activities and create a dramatic entrance by using different types of tent. As you plan the tent, make sure to consider the conditions as it will need to endure and the people will be coming through it.

Frame the main entrance

Make a spooky entrance to your Halloween venue, you can use party tents to frame the door of your house. Arrange it in such a way so that guests can walk through the layers of the fabric to get into but make it large enough to open easily by the guests. To ensure that guests find their way in, draw the lines in the walkway with rope lights and create a glowing path. Hang a skeleton to enhance the entire effect and if possible make it talk when someone passes by to make your guests yell while passing through.

Use Billowing Material

Choose a light and billowy fabric capable to move with just a light breeze to create a dramatic effect. Find out dark shades for a gloomy feeling inside. In night parties, you can use a white tent that will glow slightly with any light. The use of multiple layers of material and use of party supplies makes your tent dramatic and brush up people for a weird surprise.

Create Ghost Ceiling

Make a ghost ceiling to create a subtle and uncanny glow in the tent. You can also make small ghost by using white material. Just cut the white cloth into strips so that it moves every time someone walks around. Hang each ghost from a light and ensure that the light do not emit much heat to burn the fabric. Try to use different colors like green, red and orange along with white to create a scary effect.

Arrange Fortune Teller

Play in this scary atmosphere with a fortune teller inside the tent. Use round tables in a shadowy corner and cover it with a dark material. Explore party rentals to find the perfect material to cover the table. Make your fortune teller sit near the table and use a glass ball with colorful lights in it to shine up for a different glow. The perfect combination of party supplies and the fortune teller’s low voice will enhance the overall effect and make everyone enjoy.