How to Rent Serving Dishes for any Event

glass and stemware rentalsChafing dishes are the perfect way to serve hot food at any event. The use of a chafing dish is convenient as it just have to be heated with a water pan underneath which is heated by a chafer fuel or electric supply and makes food warm at optimum temperature for hours. It uses a double boiler system to transfer the heat to the burners with the help of steam. The heat transfer method reduces spotting responsible for overcooking of the food. Chafing dishes also makes a large dish hot and make it ready to serve dinner. It’s a great to use it conveniently and serve hot food to a crowd. Induction chafers utilize the latest technology and rules out the need of chafer fuel.

Whenever you want to offer buffet and bar service in any function then you have several options. Explore party rentals companies to find out the best rates and range of service and chafing dishes rentals along with the rental policies that suit your needs. Decide your budget and determine your need for kitchen rentals.

Determine your needs

In all types of events, you always need a system to keep hot item serve hot at a safe and warm temperature. Make sure to know about the charges of the chafing-dish fuel as some of the companies don’t disclose it in price-quote. Most of the cold recipes just need a platter to serve. However, shrimp and a few other food items that tend to spoil must be kept in a service bowl stored in an ice tub. Some of the rental companies offer special containers with provision to store ice and helps to hide the ice. Ensure to get adequate platters or bowls to serve desserts, nuts and condiments as well as other meals. Add serving, glass and stemware rentals to your order.

Rental policies

Before making any deal, ask the party rentals company about their rental and rate policies to avoid overcharging. Some of the suppliers offer serving dishes for a longer time at same rates while a few have different and shorter turnaround times. Most of them request to return clean dishes. Also, check out the terms to pick up and return of the dishes.

Further,the availability in multiple shapes and styles makes it difficult to choose the perfect chafing dish. So, it’s better to know your requirement and finalize the service and chafing dishes rentals.