How Do You Cool Down An Outdoor Party?

Summer is the perfect party season, but things can quickly turn for the worse, and it gets too hot, making the guests too uncomfortable. To restore sanity, you have to cool the party. Are you wondering how do you cool down at an outdoor party? There are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of these ways include:

Create a shade

The best place to have your party is under shade, and what better shade than a party tent? The beauty is you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg buying a new tent. All you need to do is to hit your local tent rentals and rent a well-maintained tent.

When renting, you should note that not all tents are designed to keep you cool, so take your time and hire the right ones. Some of the best tent styles for a hot summer are: canopy, frame, and Victorian. These units have a blockout fabric that blocks the sun’s rays, reducing the amount of heat entering the tent. And as you can guess, when you have little heat entering the tent, your guests are cool, comfortable, and they have fun.

Cool the party tent

If the blockout fabric isn’t enough to keep all the heat out, consider adding cooling the tent. Thankfully, there are plenty of options you can go with:

Cool boxes: These are large stand-up boxes you place at the corner of your tent to keep the entire tent cool and comfortable. How the cool boxes cool the tent is the water from the box evaporates, making the guests feel like they are being hit by an ocean breeze, which is quite refreshing.

While the cool boxes don’t help with humidity, they oscillate, creating a generous breeze that is 10 degrees cooler than the room temperature, which keeps everyone cool and comfortable. Like with party tents, you don’t have to buy these boxes. Hit your local rental stores, find a few boxes in good condition, and rent them.

Air conditioners: Are you hosting a large crowd? Then a cool box won’t cut it. The best unit to use in such a scenario is an air conditioner. Again scour your local rental companies and find a well-maintained air conditioner and rent it.

When renting, pay attention to the air conditioner’s size. You don’t want to hire an air conditioner that is too big or too small for your tent.

Fans: Fans are effective at cooling small to mid-sized tents. When cooling the tent with fans, you have two options: using small, hanging fans spread across the tent or placing a large fan in the corner. It’s up to you to decide on this.

Like with the air conditioner, ensure the fan (s) you hire are enough to sufficiently cool your tent.

Offer cold drinks and treats

With the temperature at its all-time high, the last thing you should do is offer your guests hot drinks. To keep your guests hydrated and refreshed, offer them ice-cold drinks. Fill the coolers with iced tea, bottled water, and lemonade, then situate the coolers in strategic areas of the tent.

It’s also wise to serve hydrating treats such as frozen melon balls, fresh fruits, frozen grapes, crisp vegetables, and other cold finger foods to relieve the guests from the heat.

To make your party even cooler and fun, add water features such as sprinklers and water inflatables. That is if your budget allows it. Of course, situate these water elements at strategic areas of the event venue, so they don’t interfere with the event’s procession. When hiring the elements from event rentals Maryland, ensure they are in excellent condition and won’t fail in the middle of the event.