What Size Dance Floor Do I Need For 100 Guests?

To complete your party, you need a dance floor for the guests to have a time of their life. One of the most important factors to consider when renting the dance floor is the number of guests you expect to attend the event.

If you rent a small dance floor, you will have to deal with uncomfortable crowding. On the other hand, if you rent a dance floor that is too big, you will have to deal with awkward empty spaces, and you will feel like you wasted your money.

Are you wondering, what size dance floor do I need for 100 guests? To determine the ideal size, you need to bear in mind that at least 50% of the guests will be dancing at any given time. So you will need a dance floor that can accommodate at least 50 guests at a time.

For every dancer to have a good time, they need 4.5 square feet of dance floor space, so for 50 guests, you need an area of about 225 square feet of dance space. Different staging and dance floor rentals have different dance floor sizing charts, so visit your local rental companies, and the representatives will guide you on the ideal dance floor size for your event.

What other factors should you consider when hiring a dance floor?

Other than the number of expected guests, you need to consider plenty of other factors when renting a dance floor. These factors include:


Dance floors come in different styles. There are marbled, wood, checkered, LED-lighted floors, and many others. When renting the floor, think about how the floor will tie into your event’s overall aesthetic and complement the look you are going for.

To increase the chances of hiring the right unit, explain to the representatives working in the rental companies the look you are shooting for, and they will guide you on making the right choice.

Your budget

This is another important factor to pay attention to. You might be attracted to a given dance floor, but you can’t afford it. Work with the dance floor rental company representatives to find the most ideal dance floor within your budget.

How do you keep the dance floor packed?

When you spend money on a dance floor, you don’t want it to go to waste—you want to put it into good use. This requires you to attract as many people to the dance floor as possible.

How do you do this? Here are tips to follow:

Set the right mood

There is no way people will be drawn to the dance floor if the mood isn’t right, so you need to set it. Had you invited a band to perform? Ask them to start playing. The same thing applies if you had hired a DJ. They should start playing your selected music.

Play all music genres

Different people have different tastes, so to make everyone feel included, play music of different genres. When developing a playlist with your DJ, give the grandparents a nod with Frank Sinatra and the uncles and aunts a reason to get off their seats with “We Are Family.”

Don’t hog the dance floor.

It’s customary for the party planner to open the dance floor but don’t hog it. Remember, you rented the dance floor from outdoor party rentals Northern VA for the guests, so you need to give them time to enjoy it. When you are called upon to open the dance floor with a dance, take a minute or two, then invite other guests to join in.

Don’t be like other people that take up to 15 minutes dancing to their favorite songs.