How Do You Decorate A Wedding Tent On A Budget?

One of the prime reasons couples go for tented weddings instead of the traditional wedding venues is to cut costs. Unfortunately, if you aren’t careful, a tented wedding can quickly become expensive, especially when it comes to tent decorations.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can cut costs on tent decorations and still have a beautiful wedding. Wondering how do you decorate a wedding tent on a budget? There are plenty of ways to do it. Here are some of these ways:

Rent an open tent

Are you having your wedding in a venue with beautiful landscapes, flowers, or other attractive features? Let the venue work to your advantage.

When renting wedding tent rentals, opt for marquee or pole tents where the tops are covered but the sides open. The natural beauty surrounding you will act as part of your décor, and all you have to do is stick to the same style to create a cohesive look for your wedding.

Hang ceiling drapes

If you have been visiting many weddings, you must have noticed that most couples decorate their venues with ceiling drapes. This is because drapes are affordable and make a significant impact on the look of the venue.

When buying the drapes, you can buy the special drapes online or from your local stores. If you don’t have money for these, hit your local craft store and get as many yards of fabric as you can.

While many couples use white, you don’t have to follow suit. You can use any color as long as it matches your wedding theme.

Create unique moods with fairy lights

Besides being affordable, you can use fairy lights to create a wide range of moods for your wedding. You can use them to create chic, rustic, romantic, mystical or any other mood. It’s up to you to play around with the lights.

Splurge on chandeliers

Are you having a formal event and want to give the event a grandiose appeal? You should consider investing in chandeliers. The cool thing is you don’t have to buy them if you aren’t planning to install them in your house later on.

Do your research and find the local stores that can rent you the units. You should note that you may have to visit several stores before finding the one stocking units that match your wedding theme.

Wrap tulle around the support beams

If your wedding tent has a few vertical support beams, they can be an eyesore taking away from the look you are trying to achieve. Thankfully, you can cover them using tulle or garland and improve their look and also help them blend in with the rest of your wedding décor.

Like the other wedding pieces, ensure the tulle and garland you are using match your wedding theme.

Pay attention to the entryway.

Do you want to get the guest’s attention? Give more attention to your entryway. If you have a water fountain, place it in front of the tent. You can also create decorated arches, place lanterns or a large sign on the entryway. This brings the wedding mood and gives the guests something to look at as the wedding progresses.

Be unique with paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns give your event a unique look and add plenty of light and visual interest to your tent. If you want to create a standard mood, white lanterns are the best to go for, but if you are looking to create a fun and unique atmosphere, go for colorful lanterns.

You can buy the lanterns or rent them from event rentals Northern VA.