Party and Wedding Rentals: The Do’s and Don’ts of Planning Your Event

As a bride/groom or a party host, you want the best during your wedding ceremony. Is important to work with the company offering the best wedding rental packages to ensure you that your event succeeds. You want an event you will remember, and, in this article, we tell you how to ensure your wedding or party rocks. It’s imperative to ensure you plan your event early enough to avoid any last-minute rush and disappointments.

Wedding and Party Do’s

  •  Do Work with vendors who have a good reputation and a variety of rental items

Your party or wedding is once in a lifetime event. If you are hosting a graduation party it may be the only graduation party and it’s therefore important that you get it right. Make sure you work with tent rentals company with a reputation to deliver in a timely manner and to deliver the best. Make sure that the outdoor party rentals company you work with has the experiences and rentals for the kind of event you are holding. There are different kinds of wedding tent rentals, make sure the company has a variety. a vendor with experience will be able to show you images and give you ideas on the best party rentals available

  • Do Plan Ahead

It’s important that you plan for any eventuality. In spite of having the weather forecast, it’s important to have a plan. Even if its summer, it may become too hot for your guest. Make that the wedding tent rentals you acquire will be enough for all the guest. Ensure there are enough chair and tables for all the guest. Make sure that you spare time to meet the representatives from the wedding tent rental packages company and clarify the following issues

  • Cancellation fees
  • Permits
  • Quality and availability of party tent rentals
  • Addition fees for extra time
  • Whether the tents are appropriate for the venue.


  • Do a get a quotation from the Rental Company

It’s crucial that understand what the wedding rental package includes. Make sure that you understand all the cost involved. Clarify and confirm the charges in case the event takes longer. Confirm that all the items you need are included in the quotation. Before you go to the wedding tent rentals company make sure that the staging and dance floor rentals, table chair rentals and all the decorations you need are included in the quotation. Get several quotes and compare, choose the most affordable but don’t compromise on quality.

  • Coordinate and ensure the rental company has the required utilities

It’s important to ensure that the venue of your party has utility connections as required to make sure they can set up on the big day. Your band and the caterer will also require power and water to ensure smooth flow events on the big day. The vendors will be able to tell you how much water and power they need. You will also need lighting for the stage and dance floor rentals. Make sure the venue has a source of lighting.

  • Do Make sure you have enough secure parking and restrooms

It’s important to ensure that the chosen venue has enough parking for the guest. You don’t want to hear stories of damaged or stolen cars during the wedding. It’s also crucial to ensure that there is enough restroom. You can get trailer rentals to ensure there are enough restroom for your guest

  • Give your Guest Proper details about the kind of wedding or party

If you are having an outdoor party, make sure that your guests are aware so that they can dress appropriately. The venue you choose may not be appropriate for some type of shoes.

Wedding and Party Don’t’s

  • Don’t Delay in Booking the Wedding rental packages

You shouldn’t assume that the items you require for your wedding or party will always be available. Don’t delay in booking the rentals you need for your wedding.

  • Don’t Choose a rental Company Based on Cost

While the cost of rentals is an important factor, don’t base your choice solely on how much the rentals cost. Remember that it’s your big day and you want the best and therefore consider quality and your style and theme. Make sure the tent rentals you choose bring out your theme and style and still fit into your budget.

  • Don’t get Rental items from different companies

If you can get all the party rentals from one vendor, that will be more effective. while it may be inevitable to have more than one vendor, try to limit the number as that will make mean fewer hustles.

Make sure that you plan your event ahead of time, make sure you get the quotations and work with a vendor who has the expertise and experience. Ensure that the party tent rentals Northern Virginia you get will fit in all your guest, the band and all the vendors.