How Do You Heat a Wedding Tent?

When you are planning an outdoor wedding, it’s always wise you have the event in the summer months as during this time it’s warm and the guests are more comfortable, but what if you and your spouse will be busy during this time or your preferred guests won’t be available in summer? You have to do your wedding in winter or fall, right?

Although these aren’t the ideal seasons for an outdoor event, you can increase your guests’ comfort by heating the tent. How do you heat a wedding tent? There are plenty of ways you can do it. Some of the common ways include:

Rent a high-quality tent

Everything begins here. When you rent a high-quality tent, you minimize the amount of cold air that can get in. When you are at the tent rentals stores, take your time and carefully go through the wedding tent and ensure it has no holes. It also should be of high quality.

To keep your guests even more comfortable, invest in an insulated tent. This is a tent with an extra layer of protection that keeps out as much cold air as possible. Although the insulated tent will be a little expensive, it will be worth it.

Rent a tent with sidewalls

When you are renting a party tent, the rental company asks you whether you want to rent the tent together with sidewalls. When it’s sunny and comfortable, you have no use for sidewalls, so you shouldn’t spend extra money on them, but when it’s windy and rainy, it’s critical you rent the tent together with the sidewalls.

The sidewalls will help you keep the warm air inside, making them an excellent way to control the tent temperature.

Different rental companies rent different sidewalls, such as solid, café, and transparent. It’s up to you to choose the most ideal for your event. Like the party tent, ensure the sidewalls are high quality and have no holes in them.

Rent heaters

A quality tent and sidewalls aren’t enough to keep your guests comfortable in winter or fall, so you need to go the extra mile. How do you do this?

One of the most effective things to do is to heat the tent with tent heaters. Thankfully, most rental companies renting the tents also rent the heating devices, so you won’t have to keep moving from one rental company to another. Since you will be renting many devices from the same company, you will attract a huge discount, which sees you saving some money.

When renting the heaters, pay close attention to the size of your tent, so you don’t rent too many or fewer heaters than your tent needs. If you aren’t sure about the number of heaters you should go for, get an expert’s input.

And like other appliances you are renting, ensure the heaters are high quality and properly maintained. You don’t want units that keep failing, do you?

Offer hot beverages

While this isn’t essentially a way of heating your wedding tent, hot drinks keep your guests warm, so they feel nice and toasty. Some of the excellent beverages to give include: hot cocoa, Irish coffee, hot rum cider, and warm apple pie martinis.

Rent rugs

If your budget allows it, rent rugs from party rentals Maryland. The rugs add texture and visual warmth to your tent. They also provide actual warmth by insulating the floors and keep the guests’ feet warm.

To get a good deal, rent the rugs from the same company you rent the party tents and other party supplies.