How Do You Spruce Up A Tent?

When you rent wedding tent, the last thing you want is for the tent to be plain and boring. Thankfully, there are several ways you can decorate the tent and improve its look.

Wondering how do you spruce up a tent? There are several ways to go about it. Some of these ways include:

Use lanterns

The beauty of lanterns is you can use them in any tent, and you can easily move them around.

You can use them to light a path into the tent or place them on tables to serve as centerpieces.

To make them fire safe, use LED candles.

When you are in the stores, try to get matching sets as they create an eclectic look.

Hang some ribbons

Ribbons are cheap, and you can easily hang them in your tent. Hang a length of ribbon in the middle from the tent’s peak, then move each end of the ribbon on either side of the tent frame, letting the ends hang from the edges.

You should do this until you create a draped ribbon roof. For the best look, use rainbow-colored ribbons.

Use string lights

These are other highly affordable accessories you can use to decorate your wedding tent. And the beauty is you can use them on any part of the tent, and you can do almost anything with them.

One way you can use them is to string them across the roof until you create a ceiling full of them. You can also wrap them around poles to improve their look and light up the tent.

You can hang string lights of one color or mix them up. It’s all about you and your preferences. With string lights, you will be limited by your imagination.

Rent some chandeliers

Are you having a formal wedding, and you would love to bring in a real sense of glamour? Chandeliers are the way to go.

All you need is to rent one or two chandeliers from your local rental company and place them in strategic areas of your tent. You can hang them on the tent ceiling, place them on a table, on the dance floor, or any other area of your liking.

Bring in trees

Are you nature conscious, and you would love to incorporate nature in your big day? You should bring real trees into your wedding tent.

You can use both full-height trees and smaller ones. It’s all in your preference.

For a dramatic look, use the full height trees but go with the smaller trees for a more subtle look. The beauty of the smaller trees is you can place them anywhere in the tent. You can place them in the entrance or even around the dance floor without causing a lot of distraction.

If your venue allows it, put up your tent around existing trees giving your tent and event a more exciting look.

Hang flowers and garlands

You can use flowers and garlands in different ways. One way is to hang them from the ceiling.

You can also wrap them around chandeliers to give them a unique look. Like string lights and other decoration items, you can do anything you want with flowers and garlands. Your imagination is your limitation.

Hang bunting

These are other excellent pieces you can use to decorate your tent from the tent rentals Maryland. Although they come in different colors and styles, choose bunting in your wedding colors for the best look. You can also use prints and styles matching your wedding theme.

To bring out a sense of whimsy and show off the different colors, hang them on the roof of the tent.