What Should You Do When Having A Tented Wedding?

Are you thinking about having an outdoor tented wedding? There are plenty of things you should do to have a successful event. Some of these things include:

Have a large enough budget

Although, you won’t be spending money on a wedding hall, you will still need to rent wedding tent and other rentals. Unless you are having the wedding in your backyard, you will still need to rent the wedding venue, pay for labor and equipment to convert the raw space into an inviting atmosphere for the wedding.

As you can guess, these fees aren’t small, so you need to be properly prepared for them. Most people ask their parents to help offset the bill, but if you don’t have well-to-do parents, ask other family members and friends to chip in.

Besides this, you should try to cut the rental costs by bargaining. When you are in the rental stores, haggle the price to as low as it can get. To save even more money, rent most of the supplies, if not all, from the same store. This way, you will ask the rental company for a better discount that will see you save a lot.

Know your venue rules

As much as you are having an outdoor wedding, it doesn’t mean that rules don’t bind you. Every venue has rules that you should follow to avoid being on the wrong side and risk ruining your event.

Before you head to the tent rental stores, find out whether your venue allows you to erect a tent. This is because some venues don’t allow it. Others will allow you to do it, but only if you rent and erect theirs.

Besides the tent, also find out whether you can play loud music and the trash policy. Do you have to do the disposal or the venue management does it? Find out all of this before you commit to the venue. The last thing you want is paying the wedding venue deposit and find out that there are things that you must do in your event, but they aren’t allowed in the venue.

Start visiting the rental companies early.

Most people feel that they only need to visit the rental stores and place their order when they need rental items. While sometimes it’s as simple as this, it’s not always the case. And when you do it, you end up paying a premium for the supplies.

To save money and get the exact rental items you need, take your time to visit a number of your local rental stores. As you can guess, you can’t visit all the stores in one day or even a week so you should start it early enough.

A good rule of thumb is to start the process as early as three months before the party date. When you are in these stores, ask to see all the wedding supplies you need for your event and carefully go through each item.

After comparing the items and the fees charged by the various companies, settle on the best one you want to work with. As mentioned above, to save money on your project, rent most of the supplies from one company.

Strive to keep the guests comfortable

As much as it’s your big day, you want to keep the guests as comfortable as possible. How do you do this? There are plenty of ways to go about it.

one way is to rent enough and comfortable wedding chairs. If it’s too hot, rent an air conditioner from the party rentals Northern VA to cool the air.