How to choose a fabric to decorate wedding tents?

The use of fabric for wedding decorations is no more a new concept. In fact, it’s one of the best and innovative ways for tent decoration. There are different types of methods to choose fabric tent liners, garlands, panels and streamers. You can also create fabric crafts to decorate party tents.

Popular Choices

One of the widely accepted wedding tent idea is to decorate tents with tulle. Tulle is light and netted fabric provided by party rentals for wedding decorations. It is available at affordable cost and is versatile. It is recommended mostly for light tent liner as it is transparently thin and light. It works best for streamers, garland, crafts and panels.

Some other popular and affordable choices include nylon, rayon, cotton and polyster. Some other high range fabrics include satin, chiffon, taffeta, velvet and tapestry. It’s essential to know the different categories of fabrics, tent size and allocate a budget to choose the best fabric.

Ways to Decorate

There are different methods to decorate the wedding tents with fabric. The use of linen and décor for weddings plays an important role in decoration. You can also buy a fabric tent liner to create a beautiful shell. The fabric can be moulded to create panels across the tent for decoration. Panels give a look of rectangle strips of liner and create even space gaps between each strip to highlight the tent fabric.
Fabric garlands seem to be simple or complex way to decorate wedding tents. Any type of fabric can be hanged across the tent interiors and converted into swag shapes that can be hanged down from the ceiling. Some types of fabric can be braided, crafted and knotted into different shapes or fabric streamers. The streamers can be used to wrap tent poles or can be draped as ceiling decorations.

Crafting with fabric is another best way to decorate in a different way. The different types of fabric can be transformed into bows, trimmed or layered to create flowers and different colors can be cut into hanging flags.

Safety Issues

Consider all the safety issues while making a contract with any party rentals supplier. The safety becomes more important while choosing a fabric for the decoration of wedding tents. Any form of large swatches of fabric like tent-liners, streamers, panels, garlands should be fire retardant. This makes it important to use flammable fabric in least or in small bits just to create little crafts. The event organizers ensure to keep flammable fabrics or party tents away from any fire prone area or direct source of heat.

It’s very important to consider safety and take all safety precautions while decorating with any party supplies. Also, ensure that party tents do not fall across the floor as it could make people fall.