How to Choose a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding

There is a lot of thought that goes into planning your wedding day. While you are attempting to look for the best venue, entertainment, photographer, and wedding dress. You are always searching for the best, and even rely on recommendations, as well as stalking the social media accounts of vendors. Choosing the right makeup artist should be the same.

You might have the best party tent rentals, but everything else is falling apart. Keep in mind that your wedding day should be memorable, and you need to look your best. In case you have not chosen a makeup artist or are still undecided, you can rely on this article to help you find the right one for you.

Do Not Just Base it on Their Instagram Profile

While Instagram makes it a lot easier to find new makeup artists, your choice can also get misguided. You should not just go by their feed posts and followers. The majority of the pictures you can see on their feed are most likely filtered or edited using some app. You need to always ask for non-edited photographs and other references aside from what they post online. Always remember this.

Their Style Should Speak to You

If you are a minimalist and do not wear a lot of makeup every day, you should not pick a makeup artist with big bold, glam looks because you will feel and look overdone. However, when you realize that your artist is heavy-handed, you might have invested plenty of money and run out of time already. You might not have time to find someone else anymore. For sure, you want your fiancé to admire your look as you walk down the aisle and not wonder what happened to you.

Ask for Referrals

Most of the time, word of mouth is a reliable way to find a makeup artist with skills and talents that can match your goals. When you look for a makeup artist, you should know that referrals have to be where you start searching. It would be great to find a makeup artist that has great recommendations from people you know. You can look at your friend’s Instagram page, browse online reviews, and become familiar with the portfolio of artists to call and book a trial or consultation.

Book a Trial Run

If you like what you are hearing, you can move on to booking a trial session. Ask them to use products that they will only use on their wedding day to check if they are working with your skin and if they will last the entire day. In case you discover that their style is not what you expected, you can book a second one anytime so you can make changes.

Hygiene and Sanitation Practices

It is essential that the makeup artist is hygienic, especially when it comes to applying makeup. You are going to hope that you can rely on a professional to take care of you 100%, but there are still gross things that are done in this industry.

Poor hygiene in applying makeup is one of them, like not cleaning the brush, double-dipping, blowing on the brushes, and having a messy kit. Reusing disposable ones, using their fingers and hands on palettes, and more.

Tell them What You Want

You need to communicate your preference to ensure clarity and tell them if you have any skin concerns so they will know what not to use on you. This way, you will love how you look and not feel uncomfortable.

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