Questions to Never Ask Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings are exciting and there is so much you can do. Questions from family members, who you can invite, what to eat, wear, and checklists. On the day of the wedding, festivities can get blurry. It is common for things that are necessary or important to take your attention from enjoying the day. Wedding photographers are hired to provide exceptional service, but they are humans with limitations. Most of the time, they are asked questions about this activity, which can impact their ability to do what is best for the day.

Aside from talking to tent rentals, you should also talk to the wedding photographer, but there are questions you should never ask. Find out what some of them are right now.

Are You Able to Provide Some References from Previous Clients?

You are searching for a photographer and not someone to babysit so there is no need to call the previous clients of your photographer. If you want to do that, you can search on social media or google and read reviews from past clients. You can also ask them to share wedding galleries with you. A photographer will not get offended if you want to look at more than just one gallery.

Can You Do Photoshop on That Photo?

Photographers might be able to fix something for you, but Photoshop should only be used for enhancing a photo, not to change the composition. Photographers have different styles and might have different takes. Even if your photographer might be able to do photoshop, most of the time, there is an extra cost connected with it. The retouching will take time and cost you more money. You should never depend on photoshop and your photographer to fix things that are wrong for you. Like if you dislike your hair, makeup, or someone else’s glasses. All of these should be addressed prior to the wedding.

You are Bringing your Own Food, so We do Not Have to Provide a Meal for You Right?

On a wedding ceremony, photographers need more food than just peanuts, power bars, peanuts, and crackers. There will be a lot of heavy carrying and bending which can be taxing. Sometimes, even under the scorching sun. Most of the time, photographers do not have the time to eat the snacks they brought. They will always appreciate a meal and sometimes it is required so they will have energy all throughout the wedding. A hot meal will provide the photographer with the energy they need to provide high-quality work.

What Kind of Equipment are You Going to Use?

A piece of professional equipment is important. It is about the artist and the eye they have. If you like their output, there is a chance that the equipment they use will not even be a factor for you. The style and personality of the photographer should be your focus. After all, you will spend more time with a photographer that day compared to other vendors. You should see a completely delivered image gallery from weddings so that you can see everything that they are providing matches what they put online. Picking 5 great photos from a portfolio is easy, but you also have to see that the others are of excellent quality. It is even better if you can meet the photographer in person to see some of their work in print, especially if the format is very significant. Seeing images in person are a lot better, so you should if you can.

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