How to Choose a Ring Bearer

The role of a ring bearer is functional, but he should bring irresistible cuteness on your wedding day. Choosing a ring bearer is not always a process that is straightforward, but there are a couple of things that help make your decision easier. Despite having a ring bearer in mind, maybe you are wondering about certain duties and etiquette that surround the role of a little guy. No matter what the situation is, you will find answers here.

When you rent wedding tent, you should make sure that the ring bearer will be comfortable walking down the aisle. In case you have not chosen a ring bearer, you can find tips in this article that will help you out.

Consider Who Runs it

When people are choosing children of all ages to be the ring bearer, it will be easier to narrow down your search to children aged between four to six. This will allow the child to be at the right age to take direction, but some children who are younger than four can be the ring bearer. You should think about the children of your friends, any children you normally babysit, nephews and cousins, and nieces as well. Who do you think has the right temperament to enjoy the job and feel excited about doing it? Narrow down your top choices before you proceed.

You can Have More Than One Ring Bearer

You can include more than one ring bearer if you want that, even if they are not the same age. Older children can pull the smaller one in a wagon, or the other one can carry rings while the other is holding a sign. There are a couple of things that help you make the last decision.  You have to consider the ages, personalities, and how well you know the ring bearer. Will he shy away and hide under the pew, is your nephew going to ham it up with funny faces knowing that he is being watched by everyone? You should think about the traits and quirks of the kids you have met and how they could fit into your wedding vibe.

Who Will Pay for the Outfit?

Their parents would normally pay for the outfit of the ring bearer, even if you wish to give them something nice to wear as a gift is an option. You also have to pay for a ring pillow or accessory. Which is better? You can consider giving your ring bearer new toys or favorite candy as a gift for participating. You can also consider purchasing a wagon for them so that they can be wheeled down the aisle in the wedding ceremony.

Use Rehearsals to Keep the Kids Involved

On the rehearsal day, you should make sure that someone is tasked with calmly explaining the role of the ring bearer. Allow them to practice with the small pillow or the method of carrying the rings that will be on the pillow. Let them know how you want the ring bearer to stand before walking down the aisle, and where they should walk. It gives them easy cues such as “right by daddy” or “beside the pastor.” You have to be very patient with the child while the rehearsal is happening; anything that you can correct or adjust during your rehearsal increases the chance of the ring bearer putting on a nice performance during the ceremony. You have to be patient, yet firm and make sure that the child is having fun during rehearsals.

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