How to Choose a Wedding Band

After you get engaged, you are swept into the world of planning. You pick your wedding venue, and date, and book ten rentals if you want it to be outdoors. You need to consider the to-dos, and the wedding bands should be on your list. With many band styles out there, picking the right match can be a bit daunting. Even if the wedding band is a piece that you will most likely spend a lot of time wearing after the wedding, you must find one that is within your budget and complements your engagement ring, lifestyle, and tastes. There is plenty to consider when you are purchasing something, so here are tips you can follow when it comes to choosing a wedding band.

Good for Everyday Use

The fun thing about engagement rings is that they can be fancy, but the wedding band is a practical find since it has to match your engagement ring.

When you choose wedding rings, remember that you will wear them every day your entire life. Make sure to choose something that is comfortable and a good fit for your lifestyle.

Start Searching Early

A lot of couples make the mistake of waiting a long time before purchasing wedding rings. They tend to overlook production times and do not give themselves enough time to find their ring completed.

In general, you should allow 3 to 4 weeks to ready the sizes of your wedding rings.

In case your wedding rings are custom-made, you should allow more time. Certain styles take longer to make, and retailers need about 3 to 6 weeks to customize your wedding bands.

The time recommended to start searching is 6 months before your wedding day to make sure that you are not rushed or under pressure. If you wait until the last minute, you might not have enough time to find the perfect ring, and you would have to go for the second-best.

Have a Budget

When you sit down and think about your wedding expenses, make sure that you think about the amount you want to spend and set that aside for buying wedding bands. Bands can be from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Deciding on how much you want to spend prior to shopping makes it easier to narrow down your options. You will find a beautiful band based on your budget.

Think About Your Lifestyle

A lot of people choose to wear their wedding band daily. If that hat is something you will do, you should think about your lifestyle when you choose the right one. In case you are super active, love going to the gym on a regular basis, or you use your hands for work a lot, you might want to choose a durable wedding band option to prevent any damage and premature wear and tear. This would also mean considering how to maintain it. If you have an intricate wedding band, you will have more time and care when it comes to keeping it in top shape. If you do not like the extra upkeep, you should buy a simple ring that is fuss-free made of gold or platinum that will never go out of style.

Choose the Right Metal

You can choose between white gold, platinum, yellow gold, rose gold, mixed metals, or alternative metals like cobalt and titanium if you have an active lifestyle. That is because you need something durable. Platinum is perfect if you want a low-maintenance ring.

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