How You can Become a Wedding Planner without Experience

Wedding planners are talented when it comes to overseeing almost every aspect of a wedding day, so they can create an unforgettable experience for their guests.

It involves a lot of planning, coordination, and scheduling to pull this kind of major event with dozens to hundreds of guests. There is no certain path that was made for wedding planners to follow, you do not need any formal education. The main thing is to be hands-on, and it helps you know all the wedding tent rentals. If you are inexperienced, do not worry because you will find useful tips in this article on what you must do to get started as an inexperienced wedding planner.

You Can Take an Online Course

Wedding planning has changed, and you can be a wedding planner when you take an online course that will teach you everything you need to know. There are so many great planners, and all of them started from where you are now. Most of them enrolled in an event planning school so they can learn the ropes.

The good thing about attending a course is that the school can link you to connections that will help you get started.

Normally the courses last for 2 to 3 months, and after you complete them, you will receive a certificate.

Get Hands-on Experience

While you complete a diploma course to become a certified wedding planner, you can familiarize yourself with the basics you need to enter. You are required to have hands-on experience so you can put the concepts you learned into practice. The hopeful wedding planners can gather experience by taking an internship at an agency specializing in event planning, and by helping people plan weddings.

Determine if You Want to Work for a Wedding Planning Company or Do it Solo

If you have worked in project management or event planning, or you have experience running a business, you might be happier working independently. You can also pick up freelance gigs planning weddings.

While if you just graduated from college or you do not have a lot of experience in planning events, it is more sensible to join a wedding planning agency.

You can always start at an agency to gain experience, and then you can start your own company.

When you are deciding whether to work solo or for a company, your preferences will depend on you. you should also consider your experience level.

Organizational Skills

Juggling a lot of wedding elements is not easy and you should be able to stay on top of everything. Aside from that, you are more likely to handle more than one wedding all at once.

Look for a Mentor

People who just got started with wedding planning can learn what they need to know by becoming partners with someone who is experienced. Partnering with a seasoned mentor can help you see the daily realities of becoming a wedding planner. This is especially helpful if they have their own company.

You Need a Business Plan

You should write down your goals and it is important to map out why you think your wedding planning business will be successful. A solid business plan must include the services you want to offer, a sales pitch, direct competitors, and the anticipated expenses whether they are fixed or variable.

Develop Good Time Management Skills

The strictest deadline is the wedding day, which is why you must get things done efficiently to the best standards.

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