How to Choose a Wedding Color Palette

One of the most crucial decisions you need to make on your wedding day is the color palette. Most of the time, this is one of the first aesthetic decisions that must be made once you brainstorm your wedding plans. You should not take this decision lightly because the color palette lays out the foundation for the wedding and dictates almost everything, from the design and wedding attire to the invitations and goods. The color palette sets the tone, but it shows your personality and style.

When you have a color palette, you also know which party rentals to choose because they should be able to match the wedding palette. If you want to know to pick the right color palette for your wedding, read this article until the end.

Consider Your Personal Style

Look around your home and see what colors you can use in decorating. You should open your cabinets and look at the dishware. Scan what is hanging in your closet. Do you have mostly bright colors, do you prefer muted pastels, or are you into neutrals? Since you want the celebration to feel an extension of you as a couple, you must pay attention to the things you are personally drawn to if you think about the color palettes.

Look at Your Home D├ęcor

Designing your home is similar to designing your wedding day. The pieces and colors that fill your home will bring you joy, which is a great basis for your wedding decorations. Take photos of the corners you love in your home and include the mood board for your wedding colors and the details. Beyond your home, you need to check your favorite decors or your favorite retailers.

Consider How it Will Look on Your Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids set the tone for your wedding because they are also your background singers, and you are the star. They will be the ones to complement your wedding dress by using the colors you choose and will be the focal point of your wedding day. There are some colors that do not look good on certain people like the redheads do not wear pink because it does not match them well.

Get Inspiration from Weddings

You can check online for real wedding ideas for couples. You can filter your search based on location, style, season, or color so you can see which combinations you are attracted to. You will also see which ones look nice in photographs and which colors evoke the vibes you want to create. Collect the photos and icons you like so you can save them for reference.

Look at Seasonal Blooms

Floral design influences the wedding color palette you choose. The flowers used in the reception, ceremony, and bouquets will depend on the season of when your wedding will be, which is helpful in narrowing down the colors you want to use.

If your wedding is in spring, make sure the palette reflects it. You can go for pastel, light, or fresh colors. When your wedding is in fall, your palette should have richer tones like navy, burgundy, emerald, and mustard. Your entire palette does not have to be based on the season only, using accent hues brings out a touch of the season during your wedding.

Go For Timeless Colors

Your wedding day is something that you will look back to your entire life. Therefore, it is important that you choose a color scheme that is timeless and classic. You can start with a classic base and add pops of color so it becomes timeless.

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