How to Choose Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are an important element or accessory for a wedding. These are necessary for bridal bouquets, entrances, table flowers, interior décor, and posies for bridesmaids.

However, you should choose the ideal flowers for your wedding, and it is an extremely confusing task for the majority of brides and grooms. The truth is, they can argue over these subjects naturally as well.

In order to avoid any confusion, aside from finding the right party rentals, you should also know how to pick the right flowers. These flowers should also go with every wedding décor and theme. if you are theme-oriented or picky, you want to choose your own flowers. You will find so many varieties, which makes it harder. Read on to learn more.

Come up With a Budget

Before doing anything, you should bookmark a wedding centerpiece inspiration and then hire a florist. You need to know how much you can spend on wedding flowers. Normally, couples allocate about 7% of the total wedding budget to flowers. The last dollar amount varies depending on where you will get married, the kinds of flowers you want, and the budget you are working with aside from how much you prioritize flowers. For instance, a photo-worthy floral wedding ceremony arch might be more important than handing out wedding favors or place cards. This way, you can properly allocate those expenses.

Find a Good Wedding Florist

You would want to find flowers that can fit in the color scheme of your wedding, budget, and season, and hire the right florist. This is going to help you do all that and even more. You should find a florist who can understand what you want since he or she is the person who brings vision to your life. They are also a lifesaver when it comes to providing professional input regarding your wedding flowers. You can make tough decisions and have an easier time doing so. You can choose between garden peonies and roses. When you are researching florists, you can check their previous work and read reviews so you can sense their style and specialties.

Consider the Venue

You should make sure that the floral arrangements can complement the wedding location. For instance, a bridal bouquet of lush roses suits a romantic bouquet inn like sunflower centerpieces that suit an outdoor venue. With the trouble you go through in finding a unique wedding venue, make sure that you have a matching flower décor.

Make sure to tell the florist about the style of your venue, whether it is elegant, rustic, or in-between. Remember that the flowers used for the ceremony might be different than the flowers used for the reception, which depends on their styles.

Consider the Wedding Theme

Naturally, you should first consider a wedding theme so you will make an ideal choice about the kind of flowers. Pink, white, golden, or rose gold are common wedding colors. The ideal flower choices for these color palettes include dahlia, white roses, white anemones, or gypsophila.

The truth is, a flower company is going to show you these options first. Similar to this, multi-colored hydrangeas and calla lilies are perfect for an artistic or musical style wedding. Based on what you read, you must consider the wedding theme and color palette because it is an easy way to choose flowers that complement the former. You do not want the flowers to look out of place because they should go with the theme.

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