How To Choose The Right Size And Style Of Tables For Your Wedding

A specific style and size of tables will add a custom structure to your place. So, are you done with choosing tables for the venue? Or do you know what format you’re looking for? Have you looked into wedding rental packages?

Are these questions mentioned above creating more chaos in your planning? No worries.

If you already don’t know what to look for, here’s our comprehensive guide for wedding reception table options that’ll leave your guest comfortable and impressed.

Banquet Tables

Banquet tables or more commonly known as rectangular tables are a perfect fit for your small space. These tables can fit a large group of friends and family while consuming less space.

Also, they make your narrow space look more elongated. Rectangular tables are more common and traditional than any other choice. So, they’re a safe option for you if you’re reluctant in taking risks. They’ll go best for both in-room and open venues (with or without a tent).

Table Sizes

Keeping in mind the current health precautions and your requirements, there are numerous sizes available for rectangular tables. These are from standard 6′ by 30″ to king-size 8′ by 48″.

Here are the details:

  • 6’×30″: this size will seat 6 guests, three at each side, while keeping the ends open.
  • 8’×30″: this standard size yet a bigger table will seat 8 guests, four at each side with open ends.
  • 8’×40″: A queen-sized table will seat 8 guests with the same format as 8’×30″. But it provides more table space.
  • 8’×48″: This king-size table will seat 10 guests, 4 at each side and 2 at the opposite ends (1 at each end). Or you can also seat guests according to your requirements keeping their comfort level in mind.

Round Tables

If you want a more family-look, opt for round style tables. They offer a friendly atmosphere where your guests can engage in conversations while sitting around the table.

With that said, round tables also help fill up large venues gracefully with a more communal look. Now either it’s an under-roof venue or a beach-side open venue; round tables will go perfect with both.

They will compliment your modern wedding, offering no boundaries for design.

Table Sizes

Round tables are measured in inches. And for different wedding styles, different options range from 36″ to 72″. Here are the details:

  • 36″: this table can seat 4 people max.
  • 48″: having the ability to seat 4-6 people, this table is larger in size than the former one.
  • 60″: this table will seat 8 guests, typically.
  • 72″: With a size this large, you can seat 10 guests max at a time.

Now depending on the present health precautions, which are different in different states, it is better to leave more space between chairs for the health’s sake of your guests. We suggest seating 4 people at a table where usually 6 people can sit. It is better and more comfortable as well.

Square Tables

Choosing to rent square tables for your wedding is a pretty specific choice. And let us make you a little cautious about it by telling you that not many rental services have a copious amount of square tables. There’s a genuine reason behind it, because not many people rent square tables, with round and rectangular tables being a standard option.

This information is to not discourage your choice. It is only for the sake that you should know things beforehand.

Square tables are quite close to round tables, and they give you the same family feeling.

Table Sizes

Square tables usually come in three sizes 3’×3′, 4’×4′, and 5’×5′. So you can seat four to twelve people at a table respectively.

But square tables offer less space when you have to put glassware, flatware, and decor at the table.

So, in an alternative case, you can use tables in mix and match style. For instance, put the square table in the middle and round tables around it. Or maybe mix and match the round and square tables around.


While planning your wedding, making sure you don’t miss out on any element is quite stressful, especially when you don’t plan weddings every day. But it will get easier if you hire some professional table and chair rentals Damascus for that.