How to Choose the right size of wedding or party Tent

When you have an outdoor Party or wedding you need to ensure that your guests are comfortable. It’s important to choose the right tent rentals to ensure your guest will fit and one that will bring out your style. The tent rental you choose should be able to accommodate all the guest, vendors and the equipment they need for the big day. In this article, we look at the factors you consider when choosing the size of tent you need on your wedding day or for your party.

Types of Tents

  • Frame Tents

They don’t have center poles and that creates more space for your guest. They are ideal if you have a lot of people.

  • Century Events Tents

They come with additional pieces for the middle and center section and they will enable you to transform your wedding or party.

  • Clear Tents for Wedding

They allow your guest to enjoy the outdoors from an indoor place

  • Wedding canopy Rental

Canopy tents give you more space and they are ideal if you have a lot of guests.

There are other kinds of tents rentals such marquee tent, pole tents, and cable frame tents.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Size of the Tent

  • Size of the Venue

The size of your venue will determine the size of the tent. The larger your venue, the larger tent rental you can accommodate. You need enough space for set up and space for moving around. You don’t want your wedding tent rentals to be soo near buildings making it impossible for your guest to move around. It’s imperative to leave space for your guest to move around comfortably. Make sure the tent rental is far away from the washroom to avoid making the guest uncomfortable.

  • Number of Guests expected in the event

You need to determine the number of guests that you are expecting in your event, Make the tent rentals you choose is large enough to accommodate all your guest and the vendors with their equipment. It’s best to work with a wedding tent rentals company that has a variety of tent to ensure you get additional tents in case the number of guest rises. Ask your guest to confirm attendance so that you can be able to estimate the size of tent you need.

  • Location and weather

You may need to get a larger tent if the location of your wedding or party is near a lake. You will need to ensure that all the guest comfortable and if its cold that they are warm and covered. If the event is outside in a warm place then you may need to get a smaller tent. Get the weather forecast and then decide the size of the tent that you need.

  • Your Vision

The size of the tent that you need may also depend on the style you want to bring out. To bring your style you may need to use many small tents. Determine your style and choose the type of tent that will bring out the design and style.

  • Feeding the Guest

The way you feed your guest will determine the size of the tent that you require. Buffet meals and plated meals may require different spacing. Consult the outdoor party rentals company on how you intend to serve your food and get ideas on the best tent rentals.

  • Items that will be under the tent

Determine where the vendors will be located. If any of the vendors will be under the tent, make sure that there is enough space for them. Ensure the tent is large enough to accommodate all the vendors. The size will also depend on the accessory you will on the day of the event. If you need to have a cigar place then you may need to have a larger tent.


Its imperative that you choose the right tent rental for your event. You want a successful event and its therefore important that you consider all the above factors. Make sure the party tent rental you choose is large enough to fit all your guest comfortably. Work with tent rental companies that have a variety of tents because that will give you a lot of options.