Ways to Save on Wedding Rentals

Your wedding day is a joyous occasion and it’s doesn’t need to be a time to break the bank. It’s crucial that you manage the wedding cost and every little saving will go along way. You need to ensure that the event rentals you get help you save some money. Work with companies that have a variety of wedding tent rentals because that will enable you to save on cost. In this article, we give you ideas on how you can save while renting out the items you need for your wedding.

Ways to Cut Wedding Rental Cost

  • Prioritize the items you need

Splurge on the items that mater and that will make your wedding outstanding. Choose which part of the wedding you want to make the focal point. If it’s the dance floor make sure that you get the best stage and dance floor rentals. The reception is where you will have most of the guest, and it’s therefore important to have the best tent rentals. You can spend less money on other things that are not so important. Choose a wedding rental packages that will save you money.

  • Get the Rentals at the right time

If you have your wedding in the most common season like summer its best to book the rentals in good time. People tend to hold weddings on certain dates and that will cause the wedding tent rentals to be more expensive. It’s best to book the rentals in good time.Decide what you need for your wedding and book the wedding rentals you need in good time and that will help you save on cost on your big day.

  • Check out the Venue early Enough

Look for the venue early enough and see what the venue will offer. It’s important to find out what the venue has and what you need to get. Find out if there is electricity and whether that will be enough for your providers. Find out if they offer any emergency source of power. Confirm whether they are washrooms and how far they are from where you will place the tents. Checking the venue in good time will help you plan your finances and ensure that nothing gets you off-guard. You will also save by choosing a venue that fits your guest without being too huge. If you choose a huge venue that is above your capacity you may be forced to pay more.

  • Let the rentals work for you

If you are having your reception and ceremony close by, choose chairs that you can use for both ceremonies. Make use of the event rentals in both ceremonies and save on the cost of renting other items. Make sure that you have a team that can move the seats during the ceremony without inconveniencing your guest.

  • Get Discounts

Look out for discounts from different event rentals company. Getting all your event rentals from one company and you can earn a discount for mass rentals. Work with companies that have a variety of event rentals and you will get discounted prices if you get your wedding rentals from one company. You can also get discounts if you book the wedding rentals in advance.

  • Split the Rentals with another Couple

Find a couple that is willing to split the cost and share the rentals. Some rentals are booked in groups and may be too much for your event. Look for a couple whose wedding is happening the same date as yours and share.

  • Have the reception and ceremony in the same place

If you have the reception and ceremony in the same place, you will be able to use the same items for both events. You will also incur one venue rental cost and you can save on cost.

  • Hidden Cost

It’s best to ensure that you analyze all the wedding cost. Failure to analyze and budget for the wedding will lead to hidden costs. Make sure you budget for all the expected cost to avoid other cost arising on the wedding day. Consider the cost of all the event rentals that you will need for and budget for them.


It’s important that you establish what you need for your wedding and prioritize the items. It’s best to choose wedding tent rental packages that have a variety of items and that will enable you to save on cost. Book the items you need early enough and you will avoid last minute rush and cost.