How to Choose the Right Wedding Singer

If you are in the middle of planning a wedding or entertainment, and you already booked the staging and dancefloor rentals, then you need to find the right singer. There are so many options to choose from and among the most cost-effective, but memorable options is to hire a wedding singer.

One of the benefits of paying for a wedding singer is that you have a lot of choices and flexibility because of each vocalist has their own genre and sound. There are endless possibilities here and you can make sure to find the right wedding singer that suits your taste and wedding.

Here are tips on how to find the right wedding singer:

Where Do You Start the Search?

Among the best ways to find your wedding singer is to use an online directory where the entertainers are listed so that you can save a lot of time and money as well. A lot of entertainment directories have their own dedicated categories for the singers, with a lot of sub-categories as well. You will discover that there are Solo singers, carol singers, guitar singers, opera singers, and pianists/singers.


Most people agree that you should pay a lot so that you have a great wedding singer. Similar to other live performers, these talents need some TF (talent fee) so that their creative juices will start flowing. Basically, you can choose from 2 types of wedding singers and these are beginners and experienced. Normally, the first-timers ask for a low talent fee and they are familiar with a couple of songs, but they sing well too. Aside from that, expert wedding singers who sing at weddings for a living normally ask for a higher TF because they are accustomed to how the party flow is. And they can sing a lot of songs that you request.

Ask the Singer to do a Demo

Are you worried if your aisle song is going to sound like how you picture it? or do you want it sung a certain way? Most of them want to sing like the original but still sound like themselves at the same time. In addition, if you like the song’s original version better, you can tell the musician to go with that version. Keep in mind that it is your special day, and do not hesitate to tell them whatever moves and connects you to the moment is what you should choose.

Look for them in the Right Places

One of the most important things you have to do is to look for a singer who is perfect for your reception. You can surf the internet for wedding singers or you can also ask your friends if they can recommend someone who sings well at parties. You can plan this ahead of time while you do plenty of searching before you can choose the right wedding singer.

Plan Where You Want Your Musician to Move

Now, this is not only for the benefit of the musicians, and you have to consider what you want the wedding singer to do. Of course, to sing. Therefore, the more time they spend relocating around the wedding venue, the less time they will spend doing what you want them to. Therefore, look at the areas with power outlets and try not to keep moving. Most wedding singers should have a small setup and a small one so they can have background music playing all the time.

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