How to Choose Wedding Shoes

When it comes to bridal accessories and shopping for a complete wedding day ensemble, determining the best kind of bridal shoe to go with your gown is a priority. For other brides, it is the highest fashion quest, which is almost even rivaling the search for a dress, while other brides looking for a solid wedding shoe is about comfort.

You should know that choosing the right wedding shoes is just as important as booking the perfect tent rentals because you need the venue to be comfortable as well. You may have other priorities, but wedding day shoes have a huge role in fulfilling them. You need to like them, yes, but you would want to wear them as well. Read on to learn more now.

Find the Perfect Dress First

You might think that you have found the right bridal shoes, but you might want to wait until you have found the perfect wedding dress for you. The wedding shoes should complement or match your gown, including the style, color, and embellishments. You would want to wear something that can complement the formality of the gown, which you cannot guarantee if you buy your wedding shoes first.

The length of the wedding dress matters as well. If your dress will be shorter, your shoes are going to be more visible.

Do a Twirl Test

Everyone loves boogieing – preferably if you are not worried about your shoes flying off while doing it. The best way to prevent this from happening is to have a strap or two on the shoes to hold your foot in place. If you prefer to wear shoes that are the same height as what you normally wear, an ankle strap is going to be helpful and makes it more comfortable.

Know What Your Bridal Style is

Since it is highly unlikely that you are buying wedding shoes and gowns all in one shop, having a strong grasp on the overall bridal style is the main thing when it comes to determining consistency. If you will look for a vintage or retro look, you need to make sure to match the style of the shoes with the same era. You need to pay attention to detailing or embellishments in the gown that might be echoed in the bridal footwear you choose, and specific materials that can be matched.

Consider the Location

With the movement you are going to make, walking, dancing, and everything else that goes into your special day, you would want to consider the location when choosing wedding shoes. Weddings can happen in different places, which include ballrooms, churches, barns, beaches, or other outdoor places. Outdoor weddings might have a glass lawn or garden, or other terrains that require a specific kind of shoe.

The wedding location influences the kind of heels you need to wear. Heels are excellent for walking down the aisle in church, but you might not like them if you wear heels on a sandy beach. Other wedding environments might not feature gravel pathways, stairs, or slippery dance floors.

Do Not Commit Yourself Unless You Have Tried Them On

Even if retail websites are an excellent way to explore styles and feel what you like, some experts will warn you about purchasing the actual pair of buying wedding shoes online. Keep in mind that you will be standing in this pair of shoes for several hours, so it is crucial that you try them out first and feel how comfortable they are.

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