Tips on How to Include Your Pet at Your Wedding

If you are proud of your pet, you will treat them like family. The best way to honor them is to include them in the happiest day of your life. Even if some couples opt to bring their pets as guests, others want to incorporate their pets. No matter which route you choose, there are many ways you can highlight your pet on that day.

You can inform the wedding rental packages that you want to incorporate your pet at your wedding so that they will know what to do. In case you do not know what to do if you want to incorporate your pet, you can read this article until the end.

Consider the Personality of your Pet

Including your pet in the ceremony is not just to include them in your wedding, so you must ask yourself, will they fit right into your ceremony? If your pet feels anxious around strangers, the wedding might overwhelm them.

You do not want your pets to worry about your ceremony and get stressed out, so you always need to consider their best interest by considering their personality.

Ask a Petsitter to Take Your Pet to the Wedding for a Short Visit

In case you are unable to locate a pet sitter in the area or someone who wants to travel with you, there is a travel option for couples who want their pet at their wedding. You also want to check if your pet is allowed at the ceremony and/or the wedding reception venue. However, this way, your pet is going to get looked after all the time but can take part in the day and appear in a couple of photos without giving you a headache.

Consider Safety More than Style

Nothing is cuter than a pup wearing a tux or a cat wearing a bow tie, but make sure that it fits them properly and feels comfortable so your pet enjoys the day. It would be best to keep your accessories simple to avoid pitfalls – attaching a little bow tie or flower is a cute way to dress them up, and it looks super cute. You should always double-check that no accessories can choke them and none of the flowers are poisonous.

Choose a Role for Them

Even if you are sure that your pup is going to be happy with the role you choose, it is going to define this ahead of time and it is an excellent way to make sure they do not get overlooked.

You can also choose to have your pet walk an important family member down the aisle, and this would be a wonderful role you can give them.

Maybe you only want your pet to walk back down the aisle after you say your I Do’s are done and you are now officially family.

Mention Your Pet at the Ceremony

Among the easiest ways to pay tribute to your pet is to mention them at the ceremony, either with your self-penned vows or by dedicating a theme to them. You can also reserve a seat for your pet in front with a framed photo.

Inform Your Guests in Advance

It would always be worth informing your guests in advance that you will include your pet at the wedding. You should provide this information regarding save-the-date cards and on the invitation again because this is warning anyone with allergies so they can plan ahead and still enjoy your wedding.

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