How to Decorate a Tent for a Party

Renting the best tent from tent rentals isn’t enough—you need to decorate the tent, so it looks good and gives your guests something to talk about. Wondering how to decorate a tent for a party? Here are tips on how to go about it:

Light it up

Adding lights to the tent gives it an inviting ethereal glow. The cool thing is you can use different types of lights to light up your tent. Fairy and string lights are popular but you can also use crystal chandeliers, hanging lanterns, Edison bulbs, net lights, and many others.

When choosing the lights, ensure they match your wedding theme, both in design and arrangement.

Choose a multi-colored tent

Most people rent tents with one solid color but to create a fun feel, get a tent with several colors. When you are in the rental company, get a neutral tent with a bold pop of colorful buntings or swags. To create a beautiful look, always ensure the colors you choose are contrasting.

Use partial tents

Are you having your event in the garden or in a venue with great scenes you would love the guests to see? Consider going for partial tents. These tents leave certain areas of the tent open to the outside, which gives your tent an interesting look and at the same time provides your guests with a scenic setting.

In the event of inclement weather, have panels in a place that you can easily tie back to the tent.

Go bold with balloons

Who said you have to spend an arm and a leg to decorate your party tent? Balloons are an affordable and fun way to decorate your tent. All you need to do is to inflate helium balloons and float them to the top of the tent hiding structural beams and at the same time add colorful flair.

Besides floating the balloons, you can wrap them around pillars, tie them to the corners or bend them into arches so you have colors everywhere.

Rent tents made from different materials

Going by the same idea of renting a tent with different colors, you can also rent a tent made from different fabrics hence creating different textures and giving your tent an interesting structure.

The different textures also add a luxurious feel to your tent, make it easy to control light getting into the tent, and fosters breezes into the tent space.

If you are looking to rent this tent, you need to take your time and find the right one. Most rental companies won’t have it, so prepare yourself to visit a number of stores before finding what you are looking for.

Install screens

How about adding moving pictures to your tent? You can use the large tent panels to your advantage by using them as impromptu movie screens. To draw attention to the screens, show photo slideshows or moving light show.

If you don’t want to create a distraction, show an informational presentation or project a company logo directly onto the tent.

Pay attention to the floor

Many people pay attention to the top and sides of the tent but rarely think about the floor and this is wrong as you tend to miss on a fantastic tent decorating opportunity. Two of the most popular ways to decorate the floor are using outdoor rugs and portable dance floors.

Besides this, you can also delineate aisles and other spaces with potted plants, simple floor decorations, and other accents.

Don’t forget the outside

Decorating the insides isn’t enough—you need to complete the look by decorating the exterior as well. Flags on top of the tent are a great option or you can securely fasten balloons to the tent. You can also rent garlands from event rentals Northern VA and string them along the outer edges of the tent.