How to Determine Your Event Target Audience

Social media has become a staple part of our lives. It has become more than just a tool to stay connected with friends and family. Business owners also utilized Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media apps to promote their businesses and their respective products and services.

For one thing, it is easy and mostly free to promote your business through social media. Whether you own event rentals, rent a wedding tent or any kind of business, you can do so in a straightforward way. You can post product photos or videos, and build a good relationship with your target audience through excellent customer service.

Snagging your target audience in the midst of COVID-19

Speaking of the target audience, it is important to determine who they are if you want to ensure your business’ success. One way to snag your target audience (and actually encourage them to transact with you) is through live events. It is very effective in promoting brand awareness and lead conversion, even before this pandemic began.

Before the pandemic happened, live events were all over. Concerts, seminars, and conferences, trade expos, sports events, and even weddings, live events make the event, well… alive. 91 percent of consumers said that attending a live event has left a positive impression on a brand.

No wonder outdoor party rentals and corporate tent rentals businesses benefited from live events. But because of COVID-19, live events have to be postponed or canceled. In replacement of events became live streaming… basically everything was done online. This has become the new normal of events since the pandemic began.

But more than planning how your event will go, you should not forget who your target audience is. It can be a tricky one, to say the least, and can depend on the type of company or business you have.

The importance of getting your target audience

Before knowing the “how’s”, you should also know the “why’s” of it. In hindsight, it should be technically (and logistically) easier to snag your target audience online. The logistics side of events is among the most challenging during live events. Irrelevant leads would also take away precious spots for those who have the potential to become brand ambassadors.

It doesn’t matter whether you own tent rentals or any kind of business. What is the use of having a business if you don’t have customers or an audience? Having connections can also help in finding your target audience. Once you do, you can now establish your plans and be able to focus your budget and efforts on the right audience.

How to identify your target audience

Knowing who your audience depends on the event. If you need to rent a tent rental supplier then go ahead. It all depends on the type of event you are planning to have. Here are other important steps to determine your target audience especially if you are going to hold it online.

Know why your event should be attended by your target audience.

Everything starts with proper planning. You plan your event, but for what and for whom? More so, why should your event attend to by your target audience? Is it to increase sales? For professional or personal development? Regardless of the objectives, it should capture the right audience and ensure your event’s success.

Connect to your network.

If you have been a business owner for some time, you should have at least a customer database. In that case, your past and present customers should be the first ones to be known about your upcoming event. Doing so will maintain and re-establish your relationship with your past and present customer network.

Make use of social media.

Where else to promote anything these days, even your upcoming event, but on social media? Millions of people use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so these will be the perfect avenue to announce your upcoming event to the world. However, make sure to choose the right social media platform to promote your event. LinkedIn is best if you are promoting an event made for other businesses. For events targeted to consumers, you can use Facebook and Instagram to promote your upcoming event. You can use official hashtags related to your event.


Events before might be way different from how events are held these days. At the end of the day, it is all about adapting to the current times and keeps your business afloat and relevant in the middle of the pandemic. It might not be the right time to rent outdoor party rentals in MD due to restrictions in physical events. We can just wait for the pandemic to be gone soon and hold events way better like we used to.