Virtual vs. Face-to-Face Events: Pros and Cons

We are currently living in an era where technology is an essential part of our lives. Even before this pandemic started early this year, we are already utilizing the benefits of technology. This includes the use of social media and video conferencing apps which we often used to catch up with loved ones.

However, it was due to the pandemic that most of us realized how important these communication tools are. Not only for personal use but also for business and professional purposes. Those with tent rentals or corporate tent rentals and business owners encountered a lot of challenges in terms of keeping their operations going in the middle of a pandemic.

The new normal of events management

A lot of individuals and business owners can adjust to the “new normal”. Public gatherings and events are prohibited these days due to the physical distancing policy. On the other hand, virtual events flourished especially during this pandemic.

But it doesn’t mean face-to-face gatherings and events are already out. It would just have to take a backseat due to the obvious reason of COVID-19. Staging and dance floor rentals and table and chair rentals businesses are among those affected by the pandemic due to the physical distancing concerns.

But thanks to virtual events, individuals and business owners can continue operations and communicate with each other remotely. Still, nothing beats face-to-face interaction with actual people, especially during business-related transactions. By this time, we should be able to weigh the pros and cons of face-to-face and virtual/remote events.

Face-to-Face events: Pros and cons

As the name suggests, it refers to any event involving in-person or physical interaction between two or more people in the same physical place. Examples include going to concerts, sports events, conferences/seminars, and so on. The majority of face-to-face events usually require hiring event rentals that supply audio systems, catering services, and so on.

Among the advantages of having face-to-face events are the following:

  • Opportunity to build a solid working relationship is greater face-to-face than online
  • Provides a more streamlined and memorable experience than in a virtual event
  • Attendees feel the entire experience especially if they are well-taken care of (ex. free food, entertainment, accommodation, etc.)

On the contrary, face-to-face events usually require a big budget and extensive planning to do. For example, you need to source your event location, determine key guests, ensure that the audio system works well during the event proper, accommodation for the attendees, and so on. Safety and security during the event should also be considered.

Virtual events: Pros and cons

One cannot simply imagine how our everyday lives will be without Zoom, Skype, and other similar video conferencing apps. Basically, these said apps saved businesses, organizations, and the like. Virtual events of all kinds experienced noticeable growth in the middle of the pandemic.

There are different types of virtual events that cater to specific purposes, which are the following:


These refer to online seminars attended by a few hundred invited participants. Different topics are usually discussed here related to business or personal development. Presentations in form of PowerPoint or audio/video streaming are also used to deliver the topics.

Webinars usually do not need room rental, travel expenses, AV, and catering services. You can benefit from webinars in the comfort and safety of your home. On the contrary, attention span might be challenged which is why webinars last for not more than an hour.

Video conferences

This one can either be for personal or business purposes. Participants from all over the world communicate with video and sound. It’s like getting together on the meeting table (or the living room) but virtually. It can be more fun and engaging since you see and hear each other and do so in the safety of your home. However, video conferences do not work on large-scale virtual gatherings, unlike webinars.


We can only be thankful for the invention of technology especially now that we are in the middle of a pandemic. Outdoor party rentals and staging and dance floor rentals would have to take a backseat for the meantime as physical gatherings are prohibited now.

But this doesn’t mean various events have to take a backseat as well. We do not know when this pandemic would last. Still, event rentals in MD are slowly resuming operations albeit with adjustments and restrictions. Thanks to these communication tools, we are still able to find ways to learn and interact with people without physical contact.