How to Embrace Rain on Your Wedding Day

Unexpected rain on your wedding day can be a nightmare. It can hamper all the plans that you have made and ruin your day. It’s important to anticipate a change of weather when planning your wedding. When getting event rentals to make sure you factor weather changes. In this article, we give ideas to follow to ensure that the rain doesn’t ruin your wedding.

Tips for a Successful Rainy Wedding Day

The rain doesn’t have to ruin your wedding day. Below some tips to follow to ensure that your day is successful. As you plan your big day make sure you take into account the weather and put in place measures to mitigate any arising issues during your wedding day.

  • Tent Rentals

When choosing the tent rental consider the change of weather. If it’s the rainy season make sure the wedding tent rentals you choose will protect your guest from the harsh weather.Rent wedding tent that is covered on the sides to keep your guest warm. Work with wedding tent rentals company that have a variety of tent rentals you can choose from in case you need to change the tent due to weather change. Work with a  tent company that you can contact at any time

  • Inform your guest

Give your guest a heads-up of the expected weather so that they come prepared. When you inform your guest about the weather change they will come to the wedding prepared and they will enjoy the day.

  • Plan for high chances of rain

If the wedding is happening during the rainy season plan for a high chance of rain. Even if the forecast says there will be drizzles plan for the heavy downpour and that will ensure that you are not caught off guard. You don’t want your guest to be uncomfortable during the wedding day.

  • Check on Vendors and their Rain Plan

Work with event rental companies that have rain plans. Confirm that all the vendors are available on the wedding day. Make sure that all the vendors have plans on how to deal with heavy rainfall. It’s important that all the vendors have a plan on what to do in case it rains heavily.

  • Take Creative Photos

Rain doesn’t have to dull your day. Make sure you have an experienced photographer to bring out the best photos in the rain.

  • Keep Checking the forecast

Keep checking the forecast and get to know the exact time of the day the rain is expected. You may adjust your wedding if the rains are expected early morning. If the rain is expected the whole day invest in some umbrellas. Your bridal team can have coordinated umbrellas.

  • Invest in Accessories to keep the tent warm

Before you choose the tent rentals company to work with, ensure that the wedding tent rental packages they are offering contain heaters to keep the tents. Also, make sure they hot drinks for the guest

  • Have a clear pathway to the tents

Make sure that the path leading to the tents and washroom are clear. Ensure they are passable even if it rains heavily. The paths should to the various tents, washrooms and packing should be clearly marked to avoid confusing the guest. If you expect heavy rainfall provide shade along the paths so that guest can move around comfortably.

  • Hair and Makeup

Be practical about the hairstyle you choose for your bridal team. Choose a hairstyle that will not become messy after it has rained. Make sure the hairstyle you choose is frizz free and that will ensure that you look flawless in spite of the rain.

  • Make Memories

In spite of the downpour make sure you make memories during your big day. Enjoy the day and don’t let the weather dull your day.

It’s important to ensure that you consider all the aspect of the day. Ensure that the tent rentals will fit the guest and keep them warm. It’s best to work with a wedding tents company that has a variety of tent rentals just in case you need extra tents during the wedding day. Make sure you work with the best vendors who have experience in holding wedding during the rainy season.