What Should You Consider When Holding a Tented wedding

A tented wedding can be gorgeous and give your guest the best environment at your wedding. It gives your guest an outdoor feeling, yet they are well protected from weather elements. While planning a wedding tent you need to ensure that you consider all the aspects. Make sure that the tent rentals you choose will fit your guest and also bring out your style. The key to a successful tent wedding is working with the best event rentals company. In this article, we tell you the factors you should consider when planning a tented wedding.

Factors to Consider When Preparing for a Tented Wedding

  • Weather

The main consideration you should make before deciding the kind of wedding you want to have is the weather. Before you choose an outdoor or an indoor wedding consider the weather. If your wedding is happening during extreme weather conditions make sure that your guests are well protected. Before you rent wedding tent considers the weather. You can rely on the weather department to tell the state of the weather and even if there is no sure way of telling whether it will rain or not, consider the season. If your wedding is in summer, you may need to get a tent that has accessories such as an AC.  A good tent will be able to withstand quite a bit of weather. Rent wedding tent that will suit your guest and withstand the weather. You may not be able to predict the wedding day weather but you can prepare for it by having the right tent.

  • Budget

The right wedding tent will make your wedding come to life and you will achieve the dream wedding you want. It’s important that you access all the wedding tent rentals that you require and get a quotation. Make sure that you consider all the expenses and stick to your budget. Work with a tent rentals company that will provide most of the wedding rentals because that is cheaper. You can get discount by renting a lot of items from one company. If you get tent rentals, chair, and tables, staging and dance floor rentals it may be easier to get a discount and make it easy to stick to your budget. Make a list of all the items you will need and ensure that your budget for all of them.

  • Utilities

It’s important to survey the area where the wedding will take place and make sure that you have utilities. If it gets too hot or cold you will need a heater or an AC and its therefore important to ensure you have electricity to power the extra accessories. Ensure you have lighting if the wedding will run till late.


The advantage of a tented wedding is you can add as much décor as you want. A tent rental will let add all the décor pieces you want and bring out your style. If you want a rustic wedding or an elegant wedding, it’s easy to achieve by adding extra décor. Tents come in different shapes and that gives you the ability to add the décor you want.

  • Logistics

It’s important to consider your guest when choosing a venue. Will be possible for the wedding tent rentals company to deliver the items in time? Make sure that the venue is in a place where your guest can reach with much difficulty. Add walkways for guest to follow when they are going to the washrooms.

  • Rules

Before you accept the venue make sure you can adhere to the rules. Confirm whether you can put up the tent days before the wedding. having the wedding days before will protect the ground in case it rains and it’s also convenient. Confirm whether they are any rules that prohibit playing music after a certain time. Consider all the rules and whether you can adhere to all them.

Choose the wedding tent rentals that will bring out your style and also keep your guest protected. The above considerations will guide you to ensure you get the best tents for your wedding. Work with and a tent rentals company that has a variety of tents and accessories because that will make it easier and cheaper for you.