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How to Glam Up Your Simple Wedding Gown

Wedding dress shopping can be daunting. There is the pressure of finding the perfect dress in order to give everyone you love an emotional experience and the regular old frustration of trying on clothes and hoping that something looks great. After that, there is the fact that if you browse online and look at wedding dress photos online, it is hard to figure out how a wedding dress on a model translates to you, who will not be airbrushed.

When you are wearing a wedding dress, it is about paying attention to detail, and shapes that flatter and makes you feel amazing. Everything coming together, from party rentals down to the flowers and your dress will make an amazing wedding. Learn more now.


Aside from an engagement ring and wedding band, you should incorporate some bling to perk up your look. A huge statement necklace or fascinator is going to look stunning against the clean lines of a simple and elegant wedding dress. If you are thinking of a beach wedding, let your hair down and add a shiny crystal headband to make you look magical.

You can also consider sashes and bridal belts – a budget-friendly fashion fix that changes the entire look of your gown within a few seconds.

Do Not Go Overboard

When you choose embellishments to add to your dress, keep in mind that adding too much is going to detract you from the design. You should imagine adding every kind of embellishment to your dress. The dress is going to look gaudy. Instead of choosing to add all kinds of embellishments, choose one or two kinds of decorations that add beauty to your overall look. You can think about adding beading to your wedding dress for subtle glamour, or you can add sequins to the wedding gown to add shimmer. You can mix and match embellishments, but be tasteful in doing it.


The nice appeal of a simple dress is that you can use it as a base and glamorize it if you think it is too plain. Stylish add-ons are starting to become increasingly popular because of their versatility, and value for money. You do not need a second or third dress when you can create different looks from just one.

A cute, minimalist dress in a beautiful fabric is the best blank canvas, and you can make it your own. There are never enough choices so you can use your collection of overskirts, statement sleeves, or beaded capes that can totally transform your simple dress.

There is always an option to strip down layers back and rock the minimal, elegant dress for the reception.

Use a Bridal Bag

Modern brides are known to be self-reliant. Instead of asking the bridesmaid to hold all the essentials, you are better off having the important things with you. For instance, a mobile phone is a safety blanket for most people, and not having it with you can make you panic. When you are panic-stricken, you are not going to look good in wedding photos unless your plan is to walk down the aisle and be remembered as a bridezilla.

Ask the Bridal Consultant for Awesome Suggestions

The majority of embellishments should be done by the professional seamstress you will hire. However, your consultant is an expert as well who can make valuable suggestions. Therefore, you should be open to the idea and welcome offers from them for any suggestions. They can sometimes have the best input.

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