How to Handle Wedding Planning Stress

If you just got engaged, you will find out from other couples that wedding planning can quickly become overwhelming.

Since you have a lot on your plate, you can easily become stressed because wedding planning can add anxiety to you. You need to coordinate with wedding tent rental packages, manage guests, choose the menu, and other considerations are enough to make you feel nervous.

The journey that leads up to your wedding should be positive and uplifting, and it all boils down to prioritizing your sanity and wellness. You should hire the right people so they will not contribute to your stress, and even give you some relief when you know you are in good hands.

Write a To-do List

Among the biggest reasons why wedding planning becomes overwhelming is because you are managing tasks that are ahead of you. If you do not have a game plan, this quickly leads to procrastination, anxiety, and panic.

You must get on top of your to-do list as early as possible. It is recommended to get all those thoughts out and take action, but you can make a step-by-step list. After writing everything down, it will not seem impossible anymore compared to just thinking about it.


You must accomplish the most important things first. Most of the time, couples are overwhelmed with planning the smaller details and forget about the bigger things. Before you start paying deposits, or booking vendors, you need to prioritize the must-haves. It can be the meal, professional photographer, live florals, and more. You can easily refer to the priorities list anytime you feel stressed.

Looking at this list repeatedly also reminds you to stick to your budget. You can avoid overspending on items that are unnecessary.


Planning a wedding needs more than one person. Keep in mind that this day is a celebration for you and your future spouse and your loved ones. Therefore, you do not have to do everything by yourself.

The truth is, you would be surprised by how many families and friends are more than willing to help you. Even if it is not suggested that you assign everything to the bridal party, it is better if you delegate small tasks to other people when you have to.


Parents can be a source of tension. Most couples said that parents cause a lot of stress, and a lot of them agree. If parents contribute to your wedding budget, then they have brought themselves into the planning stage. You should sit them down from the start and talk about your vision for that day and hear what they can say from the start. After that, find ways you can compromise so that everyone is happy. Even if it is your wedding day, you should also take into consideration what others are saying because they might be giving good advice.

Get a Lot of Sleep

Losing a few hours of sleep is normal when you are stressed and unable to switch it off, but it will impact you more if you are feeling sleepy.

Sleep is when everything in the human body rests and repairs and everything will just calm down. The heart rate slows down, blood pressure lowers, and the tissue repairs itself. It is also time for you to process the emotions and events people experience throughout the day.

Sleep lets you heal and reset, not only physically and mentally, but even emotionally. There is a bidirectional relationship between stress and sleep so you need to get a lot of it.

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